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Google Search Fixed Topbar - Greasemonkey

Fixed Topbar – Download Google Search Tools This script shows the Google top bar (a navigation bar with links taking you to Images, News result pages for your current search) even if you scroll down to see further results. It makes it visible all the time, even when you’re scrolling. Saves you a few seconds. Fixed Topbar – Download


Toolbar Buttons :: Modules pour Thunderbird

adds buttons to the Customize Toolbar Window. To move them from there to the Toolbar you must right click the toolbar and press customize select what buttons you want to use and drag them to the toolbar.

Compact Menu

Intégrer tous les menus (Fichier, Edition, Affichage, ...) sous forme d-un bouton. On peut ainsi déplacer ce bouton sur la barre d'outils et gagner de la place en insérant tous les éléments sur une seule barre