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Flickr - Transparent Navigation Menus (WOW!) |

Flickr site navigation menus, You Home Organize Contacts Groups Explore, will be transparent... WOW! This style improves page visibility, allowing you to see all the web content behind the transparency. This makes Flickr even more awesome! * Thanks to b0at for the Google Autohide Dots: Search and Account Options, upon which I got the idea for this style! Features: + You Home Organize Contacts Groups and Explore will be transparent. + Menus will become more opaque when they are hovered over with the mouse cursor + You will be able to see the images and text behind the header menu (see thru) until hovered over Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Better Flickr Hyperlink Visited Color nav menus are also known as candy Changelog: + Added Transparency to the Search menu dropdown box

FfChrome Compacts Firefox's Right-Click Menu

Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): FfChrome, a free add-on for Firefox browsers, lets users who do a lot of link-grabbing, picture saving, and other right-click-type operations decide exactly what they should see when they right-click anything in their browser. Once the extension is installed, users can check or un-check particular context menu items, such as the "Email this" tools, to and create a trim right-click box with just the essentials. Hover over the "Show All" option, though, and everything rolls out. FfChrome doesn't appear to support right-click items brought in by other extensions, though, so hopefully the developer will work the add-on into those options.

Auto Context :: Modules pour Firefox

Auto Context is an extension that will open a customized popup menu when you select a text.


Toolbar Buttons :: Modules pour Thunderbird

adds buttons to the Customize Toolbar Window. To move them from there to the Toolbar you must right click the toolbar and press customize select what buttons you want to use and drag them to the toolbar.

Quick Preference Button ___Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

Access common preferences from a menu button. It includes settings for page download and display, tabs, proxy, spoofing user agent (user agent switching), enable or disable the Adblock extension and more.

FireFoxMenuButtons___Adds 41 new Buttons on the "Customize toolbar"_Extention Firefox

Adds 41 new Buttons (duplicating of menu strings) from Firefox Menu on the Toolbar! Look for this buttons (after installing) on the "Customize toolbar"

Compact Menu

Intégrer tous les menus (Fichier, Edition, Affichage, ...) sous forme d-un bouton. On peut ainsi déplacer ce bouton sur la barre d'outils et gagner de la place en insérant tous les éléments sur une seule barre


CuteMenus - Crystal SVG :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software

This handy extension adds icons to every menu in 6 different programs!! It works in ALL LANGUAGES and is frequently updated, it even adds icons to any items added by other extensions!! Check out the previews. This works with: Firefox Flock Thunderbird Sun