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August 2010

"Ouvrir Dans Le Navigateur " :Ouvrir les Documents dans la fenêtre du navigateur - Modules pour Firefox

Offre la possibilité d'ouvrir les documents dans la fenêtre du navigateur.Avez-vous déjà été ennuyé lorsque vous voulez ouvrir un document et que la fenêtre de téléchargement apparaît qui vous force à sélectionner une application externe pour le voir ? Cette extension vous permet d'ouvrir le document directement dans le navigateur. Vous pouvez également changer le type mime du document visionné.

OutWit Images - Allows users to quickly navigate through Web pages and search engine results to harvest countless images automatically or manually. : Add-ons for Firefox

Add-on compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. OutWit Images distinguishes itself by allowing users to easily save the pictures onto their hard disk while they browse through the results. Grab images with a simple drag and drop, or by setting size or format criteria : if high-resolution pictures can be found behind the thumbnails, the program will extract them automatically. Its sleek, easy-to-use interface displays the thumbnails on a black background and allows to smoothly scroll through quantities of images, making the search efficient and easy. Very good extension for downloading images from the web. Used to like cooliris, but the autocatch feature on this makes it the better image tool.

April 2010

Coupe Fédérale de Distance - C.F.D. - PARAPENTE - FFVL.FR

Liste/Recits de vols * Les derniers vols * Liste de tous les vols * Sélectionner les vols à visualiser * Liste des récits de vols (carNet) * Ajouter un récit à un vol (avec photos !) * Ajouter une trace GPS à un vol

March 2010

February 2010

WordPress plugin: WP-Cumulus Flash based Tag Cloud (3D) | Roy Tanck's weblog - Bibliobsession (2008)

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c’est vrai j’avais mis un chouette nuage en 3D mais IE a pas du tout aimé et il a massacré mon site pendant 20 min ce matin en bloquant mon fil RSS, je l’ai donc viré sans autre forme de procès, à grand regret parce que c’était un chouette effet visuel! pour le kamikazes : c’est là

January 2010

PI Free PC - visualisation d'un PC sous Windows FreeBox

Permet d'avoir très facilement l'image et le son de son PC sur la télé. Voici les avantages :possibilité de voir sur sa télé n'importe quel streaming tournant sur le PC!! : pratique avec l'arrêt de community VOD et puis c'est la fin de la galère pour essayer de trouver désespérément les flux video. A moi l'écoute des mes playlists deezer et jiwa.

April 2009 Inline View for Greasemonkey

Adds an 'inline view...' link to pages which loads the url inside a html iframe in the bottom of every link.

Grokker - Visual search engine in a visual fashion.

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Your results are displayed both in a standard outline and in a dynamic map you can interact with. Grokker takes advantage of Yahoo!, Wikipedia, and Amazon Books search engines to perform its queries. Results can be sorted by date, source, domain and refined selecting (or excluding) specific related keywords. Grokker is also available as a software for enterprise use.

KartOO - visual search engine

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Can search the Web, images, videos and Wikipedia entries. Using Google, and Yahoo! search engines KartOO allows you to create a visual map where related results are linked between them. You can save and print your map, filter results using a parental filter, and filter your SERPs by language.

Viewzi - powerful visual search engine

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Viewzi is a powerful visual search engine that provides many different possibilities to display your results. Using Yahoo!, Google and Viddler, you can search the Web, images and videos. SERPs can be arranged in stacks, along a Google timeline, for individual site information, using simple text, showing a photo tag cloud, and more. Results can be also customized as you can star or hide sites you care / don't care about. A parental filter is also available.

Ujiko - visual search engine

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Completely web-based, Ujiko allows you to scout the Web and arrange your results in a radial outline. Available in English, German and French.

Search-cube - Visual search engin in 3D Cube

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Search-cube is a search engine that instead displaying your results in a classic organic style, creates a 3D cube made up of visual previews. Web-based and very easy to use, Search-cube allows you to search for sites, images, and videos.

Middlespot - visual search engine in a visual fashion

Sources available for search are: Web, Images, News, Amazon and Twitter. Middlespots allows you to create as many workpads as the search terms you want to explore. Results will be displayed inside a gallery where you can zoom and re-arrange elements.

OSkope - visual search engine

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You can visually display and explore search results for specific keywords right inside your browser window. Results from Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Fotolia, Yahoo! and YouTube can be explored in different visualizations styles like: grid, stack, pile, graph and list.

Nexplore - Search in a visual fashion - On the Web, news, videos, images, blogs and podcasts.

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The web-based service shows also related Wikipedia definitions for your searched keywords. Results can be displayed in three ways: summary, line, gallery, and can be shared on the Internet.

EyePlorer - Semantic - not a proper visual search engine (no search for any words or phrase) Give a visual representation for common, popular facts and suggest connections with other related facts and sources

The service rather provides you with a visual representation for common, popular facts and suggest connections with other related facts and sources. All results displayed inside a colored wheel can be arranged onto a virtual notepad for later reading and sorted for relevance.

Ziipa - visual search engine for Web 2.0 web designs and application

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Ziipa is a web-based visual search engine for Web 2.0 web designs and applications. Unlike other competitors in this field, Ziipa does not search images, videos, or other media content. Results are showed by a gallery and a tag cloud and can be shared and syndicated via RSS.

February 2009

Clearly, posting parsimoniously does lead to more views per photo than posting in a batch - Vviews vs. time on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Clearly, posting parsimoniously does lead to more views per photo than posting in a batch. (But see the discussion in comments.) The distributions overlap, but it is quite evident that the right side cloud is higher than the left side cloud.

January 2009

Flickorama____Flash-based Flickr Mashup__ Impressive Pixel

Taras Novak has created a Flash-based Flickr mashup he calls Flickorama that could be the basis for a lot of new, high-quality Flickr experiences. Flickorama has a number of things going for it: * an expressive, coherent visual design; * an appreciation for the fact that juxtaposition of photographs can lead to insight; * a full-screen mode that turns the application into an interactive lightbox; * several built-in ways to visually organize image sets. You start with Flickorama by entering in a search term; here are results for Yosemite, a Flickrological favorite and a reliable source of beautiful images. Once you have results back, you can use the arrangement toolbar to organize the images on the canvas

November 2008

Flickr: Discussing Real-time Flickr analytics of any photo page in Flickr Hacks with

By inserting the non-JS version of the widget into the comment area of your photo page, you can basically be monitoring the live visitor traffic on that photo. The tool's ability to display geographical data about the visitors makes it a great supplement to the Flickr Stats which does not disclose visitors' location. I have only placed this on my top-viewed assets since today so I can't really comment any further about its effectiveness - though I must say that I do find it interesting that while my main sites and blogs receive mostly U.S. traffic, it appears that visitors to my media assets on Flickr are fairly diverse. If that's really the case (and only time will time after I have collected enough data), it will provide a really strong case for marketing... which in turn will explain why what all those yahoo ad servers requests may really be about... (of course that's just a hunch) - but in any case, it's an interesting site to check out.

The Glocal Project____An immense, collaborative and multifaceted digital art project

Glocal (global + local) is an immense, collaborative and multifaceted digital art project that examines the making, sharing and exhibiting of images in the 21st century. Working out of the Surrey Art Gallery’s TechLab, the artists behind Glocal pose questions about the nature of photography at this point in our history: What is a photograph? What is a camera? What is a photographer?

Opcion Font Viewer__Permet De Visualiser Des Polices De CaractèRes En Quelques Clics

...à partir du dossier de windows, pour les polices déjà installées, ou bien en lui soumettant un dossier de votre choix : il pourra lire ce qui s'y trouve et afficher les polices de caractères qu'il contient : pratique pour visualiser des polices sans les installer. Un système permet de définir des favoris, pour des comparaisons rapides. Le programme est simple d'emploi. Seul petit reproche sur l'ergonomie : pour modifier le texte à afficher, il faut passer par le menu du programme, éditer directement le "sample text" (l'échantillon de texte) n'est pas faisable directement. A garder sous le coude. Dans le même esprit, Vfonts, CFont pro, FontPage, AMP Font Viewer, par exemple. OS: Multiplateforme, écrit en Java (Java 1.4.0 et supérieur requis) Taille: 1 Mo Langue: Anglais Licence : open source

October 2008

30+ Mind Mapping Tools___Mashable__Une belle source d’outils de mindmapping en ligne, qu’ils soient gratuits ou payants.

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Toujours à propos du Mindmapping et des cartes mentales, je dois vous faire part de cet article de Mashable : 30+ Mind Mapping Tools.

Data Analytics___plugin Firefox___Manipuler à loisir les données statistiques inclues dans des tableaux htm

Permet de capturer et de manipuler à loisir les données statistiques inclues dans des tableaux html avant de les représenter graphiquement. Un peu la même chose que Graphwise mais sous forme de plugin.