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URL - BOOKMARKLET - Up! - » Bookmarklets by Ben Alman

Up! is similar to the Google Toolbar’s “Up a Level” button, but works in a more “micro” scope. First any #anchor is removed, then any ?querystring, then any filename, then any folders (one at a time). After that, hostnames are removed, and when nothing else is left to remove, www. is prepended to the domain, for good measure! Here is a simple illustration of how a URL would change through iterations:


USERSTYLES - HACK - Load in Stylish button for my own site? - 2013 -

To save other people some grief, I want to note that the different hosts in extensions.stylish.install.allowedDomains are SPACE separated. I assumed comma and it really tripped me up. I apologize for resurrecting a few old threads, but I just happened on one after another trying to figure this out. I want to avoid anyone else getting stuck like this


HTML ← 4.5 Text-level semantics — Table of Contents — 4.7 Edits → 4.6 Links 4.6.1 Introduction 4.6.2 Links created by a and area elements 4.6.3 API for a and area elements 4.6.4 Following hyperlinks 4.6.5 Downloading resources Hyperlink auditing 4.6.6 Link types Link type "alternate" Link type "author" Link type "bookmark" Link type "canonical" Link type "dns-prefetch" Link type "external" Link type "help" Link type "icon" Link type "license" Link type "nofollow" Link type "noopener" Link type "noreferrer" Link type "pingback" Link type "preconnect" Link type "prefetch" Link type "preload" Link type "prerender" Link type "search" Link type "serviceworker" Link type "stylesheet" Link type "tag" Sequential link types Link type "next" Link type "prev" Other link types

TEXTARERA - TRICK - ADD LINK - How to type upside down text on Facebook

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(Copy & paste in browser on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Bebo, Craigslist, Gmail, Word ...)






What are BitTorrent magnet links and how to create them? - Instant Fundas

Some torrent search engines provide users an alternative way of downloading torrent files – via Magnet links. A magnet link is a unique way of linking to a specific file. Instead of linking to a file by location or name, magnet links identifies a file by content, more precisely, by the content's hash value. This peculiarity of magnet links allows users to download torrent files directly from a seeder or leecher without the need of a tracker!

CheckPlaces - Restore Favicons + Check your bookmarks in different ways - Firefox Extension

CheckPlaces is a Firefox extension that allows you to check your bookmarks in different ways. There is a basic check of your bookmarks, and optional checks that the pages still exist, duplicate bookmarks, and empty folders. You can also use it to restore favicons that have gone missing, and compact and check the integrity of the Places database. * Export an XML file with the results in * Update/overwrite existing favicons * Ignores all invalid security certificates or other SSL popups * Database check and compact messages to results window * Added support for Firefox 4.0 *Details were missing from 'Show excluded items' dialog.

FreshDelicious :Delicious

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Quickly and easily showed that my recently assembled bookmark collection had a surprising number of dead links. This great tool should be better publicized to all delicious users to help us keep our bookmarks up-to-date!!


Linkcontainer Formats : DLC (Download Link Container), CCF (Cryptloads's containerformat, broken) and RSDF (Rapidshare Downloader Format, broken) - [JDownloader]

Link-Containers are encrypted linklists. Using Containerfiles, it is very comfortable to provide many links at once. Moreover a encrypted container hides it's links from curious eyes. There are three different container formats: DLC, CCF (Cryptloads's containerformat, broken) and RSDF (Rapidshare Downloader Format, broken). JDownloader can handle all of them. DLC :Download Link Container , After RSDF and CCF got cracked, the JD-team decided to create a new Containerformat with the objectives to allow anybody to create DLCs and to allow every Loader to read DLCs. In order to live up to those expectations DLC uses a client-server encryption. Links are processed locally while the keys are distributed and recrypted by a webservice. To date, the DLC encryption has not been broken. short URL screenshot on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Simple Greasemonkey script to add a short URL link to the Additional Information section. - Dim Saved Links for Greasemonkey

Dim out any links on Delicious that you've already saved in your own account.

Linkoder (QRCode) - Cool Greasemonkey Script adds Barcodes for each link on a web page

Linkoder (QRCode) - Cool Greasemonkey Script adds Barcodes for each link on a web page I just found a cool greasemonkey script on by a person called Vorn. The script is called Linkoder (QRCode) - it can basically add Barcodes for each link on any web page. Its really useful for mobile phone users, with barcode reader applications on their phones, such as the N95 which comes with a barcode reader app as standard, as it saves them typing in long URLs, instead they can just scan the barcode on their PC screen, and then browse directly to the link with their phones web browser. you can get the script here: Install script

Impressive Pixel » Page Inlink Analyzer: Look at the Pages that Link to Your Site and Their Relative “Link Value”

The Page Inlink Analyzer provides a first stab at that interface. It gives you the top 35 or so pages for a site on the left, and for each inbound link you get a report of how many inbound links that page has (for the page itself and for its top-level domain) and how many times the page has been bookmarked in Delicous.


Linkification for IE - télécharger le logiciel Linkification for ...

Add linkification to Internet Explorer. Turns text links into genuine clickable hypertext links, works like the available add-on for firefox

Change Text Highlighting Selector Color | userstyles.org__Last updated Apr 23 2008

Makes all highlighted (selected) text throughout Mozilla Firefox to have a custom color of your choice. Another excellent way to implement a new UI feature for your favorite web browser. ** Thanks to rude-dude for selected text color changer, upon which this style is based. Applies to: - All web pages - Address Bar text (locationbar) - Stylish Extension Manager - View Source - View Information - ... - Countless other windows and option panes Acknowledgments: Thanks to for the codebase CSS Release Additional Information: This style comes preloaded with the following style color: Background of selected text will be Dark Gray Foreground (or color) of selected text will be Lime Green, giving selected text a "console" or "Matrix" type look. Instructions: You may change the "background" and "color" HEX colors to match your favorite colors! The code is easily customizable and the color combinations are endless!

Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect.

With this style, Flickr will highlight the links that you have already visited. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for Flickr, which does not display the pages you have already visited in a separate color. This makes Flickr a lot more usable, so you do not go to pages you have already been to (visual history). * Based upon Roblesolido's Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect. Features: + Purple href hover highlight text (customizable) + More Noticeable + Works on all links (a href) Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Custom Hyperlink Visited Color (Global) Future Releases: + I am currently working on an update that will disable the coloring of your usermenu (home, you, organize, contacts, groups, and explore)

Custom Hyperlink Visited Color (Global) |

Hyperlink Visited Styling for ALL WebPages. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for pages without their own form of displaying the pages you have already visited. * Based upon Roblesolido's Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect. Features: - Purple href hover highlight text (customizable) - Will only show up on pages that don't already have a visited color. In the case of an purple background, or custom sites. If you want this style to show up no matter what, add !important between the last 0 and the : in the code. Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Custom Hyperlink Hover Color (Global)

Custom Hyperlink Hover Color (Global) |

Hyperlink Hover Styling for ALL WebPages. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for pages without their own form of mouse-hovering.

Flickr Quick Links –

The script adds customisable links to the top of every page on flickr next to the flickr logo. In order to add your own links, you need to edit the script, and edit the customhtml variable. you can put whatever html you want in that variable. and it will be displayed next to the Flickr Logo. I use it to put some shortcuts to various URLS that i access regularly.

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) - Find broken links on your site (Contrôles des sites Web pour des liens brisés.)

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[Icon: Xenu with a fedora hat checking a link with his galactic looking glass]Xenu's Checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It displays a continously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time. Additional features: * Simple, no-frills user-interface * Can re-check broken links (useful for temporary network errors) * Simple report format, can also be e-mailed * Executable file smaller than 1MB * Supports SSL websites ("https:// ") * Partial testing of ftp and gopher sites * Detects and reports redirected URLs * Site Map

CoLT (Copy Link Text)__ajoute au menu contextuel les éléments 'Copier le texte du lien' et 'Copier le texte et l'adresse du lien'.

makes it easier than ever to copy a hyperlink’s associated text. For example, if I were to use this extension to copy this link to my blog, the copied text would quite literally be this link to my blog. CoLT also includes a means of copying both a link’s text and URL at the same time. This feature is particularly handy for bloggers, web developers, or anyone else who finds themselves writing links to other places on the web. The latest release allows users to create an unlimited number of custom formats for copying both the link text and location. All of the default formats are shown below: