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jQuery - Infinite Scroll - jQuery One Page Navigation Plugin | Trevor Davis | Front-End Developer @ Viget

When appropriate, I am a fan of the one-page sites. I really like the ones that add smooth scrolling and highlight the navigation depending upon which part of the page you have scrolled to.


TinEye___Extension ___Pour trouver d’autres versions d’une image en ligne

Why use TinEye? There are many uses for TinEye, but here are just a few: * Find out where and how an image appears online * Find websites containing more information about an image * Attribute an image to an author or source * Find high resolution versions of an image * Research the usage and placement of editorial or stock images * Find modified or edited versions of an image * Research corporate imagery or brand usage online * Track the popularity or distribution of an image online


Tag Everywhere____Propose des tags sur les pages visitées__Type de plugin : synthétisation

Permet d’afficher les tags delicious sur n’importe quelle page déjà bookmarkée par l’ensemble de la communauté. Utilité pour la veille : Gain de temps afin de savoir rapidement ce que contient la page. Pas actualisée

Albumwrap tool___Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

Albumwrap tool lets you jump to the mp3 offset in an Albumwrap mp3. Have Winamp running and control it via this application, CODED IN C# so REQUIRES .NET FRAMEWORK v1.1+

SendTo ___Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

Do you need copy files from winamp playlist to some folder (e.g. folder for burning, portable media player, etc)? Than do it easy with SendTo plugin. SendTo plugin add item to winamp playlist for send file to specified path from playlist.