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Flickr Favebrowsr - Flickr's Apps

Flickr Favebrowsr OK, so how this works: start by searching for a user on Flickr. A real user, who's not shutting out the world. Got one? You'll now see a short list of his or her most recent favorites. Now, those favorites: there are two things you can do with each image: * Click on the image itself (away from the "I" in the upperleft-hand corner). This will add 10 more images to the list. * Click on the "I" in the upper left-hand corner. This will open up the largest non-original-size version that the user put on Flickr. Click on the opened image again to close it.


Flickr: Discussing FlickFaver - easy way to track your contact favorites in Flickr API

Hi all. I've created simple app, it collects all your contacts favorites on one page. It greatly simplifies the search for good photos.

Flickr Contacts' Favorites Explorer for Greasemonkey

Browsing favorites from your contact is a great way to discover new images. This script will help you with that. On the front page of flickr below the contacts section, there should be a section called "Your Contacts' Favorites" where the favorites list will appear.

Flickr Fav Set in Flickr Hacks____Flickr: Discussing GM Script

Flickr Fav Set allows you to manage your favorites using FavSet, is a set for favorites. For more details, see this post or tutorial (available in Japanese/English). Here is some screenshots of my favorites page after installed script.



flickrFaves - A plugin to display users’ flickr favorites on their Wordpress

Flickr Cross-Recommendations –

Adds a "People who faved this also faved..." panel to photos on Flickr

Flickr - Percentage of Viewed Favorites –

Adds percentage of viewed that are favorites under "Viewed X times (Not including you)"

IdentFavIcon :: Modules pour Firefox

Replaces the default favicon for web pages without one with a visually pleasing identicon, which is unique for each domain. The extension uses the CRC-32 code of the web page's domain name to seed the identicon renderer.

Ici et là ...Favorites Converter (export)___Permet d’exporter les marque-pages de Firefox

Permet d’exporter les marque-pages de Firefox vers les favoris de Internet Explorer. Idéal pour ceux qui veulent faire la transition en douceur. Rajoute une entrée dans le menu Marque-pages (Convertir en Favoris) qui permet d’exporter les favoris. - for images__in FlickR★SurF

Almost six months ago I released, a webapp to remember your favorite images around the web. You can think of it as a for images, if you're familiar with the social bookmarking stuff. It's great as inspiration resource ;)

Favorite Surfer: Browse favorite photos on Flickr.

Browse through public photos on Flickr from the favorites of one user to another. Start by entering a user name or choosing a random starting point.


FlickrFaves_telecharger Favoris __Application Flickr

by 3 others
A small utility for downloading high-resultion versions of your Flickr favorites to your harddrive. If you are like me this means hundreds of beautiful new wallpapers at the click of a button! FlickrFaves is a cross-platform utility written in Java.

FlickrFaves__Telecharger vos Favoris de Flickr sur votre Ordinateur__Application

Do you have lots of beautiful favorites marked? Want to use them as wallpapers on your computer? Then FlickrFaves is for you! It is a small, simple, cross-platform tool for downloading high-resolution versions of your Flickr favorites to your harddrive

Flickr Photo Favorers : Discussing GM Script in Flickr Hacks

Add a widget box to display the favorers of current photo. It can display the buddyicons of users who fave the current photo. The widget will show 45 favorers per page, and a paging control is provided. You can see some screenshots below.

♥ Favorite Finder

Montrez toutes les photos appartenant à un utilisateur qu'un autre utilisateur a marquées en tant que favoris. Vous pouvez employer l' username, l’email, ou l'ID de chaque faire la recherche inversé .Très instructif.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

by 2 others
si vous utilisez firefox sur plus d'une machine, cette extension stockera sur le serveur foxmarks les marque pages et les synchronisera automatiquement.

Brian Larsen's Blog » Fetchr that makes you download flickr photosets.

With Flickr username , you will receive a list of his/hers photosets. Choose one, and browse to a local download folder, and download to your local machine. Flickr authentications methods, so you can access private photos..Net 2.0 framework (Required).

Portable Flicka sur Flickr : partage de photos !___Remplace Portable Flickr

This is an updated screenshot of the tool Portable Flicka, that allows you to download, export, backup, save your photos, and your contact´s photos. Remplace Portable Flickr

Portable Flicka v. de Portable Flickr_Pour telecharger vos favoris sur votre ordi___ Freak of Nature - Luis Lobo Borobia »

Portable Flicka is a utility that lets you download photos from flickr. Download from your photostream, photosets, groups, favorites, or from your contacts or the user you want. Now handles photo licenses.

your contacts' favorites (Y! Pipe) ___Flickr: Discussing in Flickr Hacks

a Yahoo Pipe! that makes it possible to subscribe to a RSS feed of the latest photos marked as favorites by your contacts.Go to the pipe's page, fill in the fields, press "Run Pipe" and then "Get as RSS" at the bottom of the page.

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