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WizMouse Enables Mouse Over Scrolling on Any Window - How-To Geek ETC

WizMouse is a free and lightweight Windows application that enables a simple but effective trick: the ability to scroll the contents of a window that is under your mouse cursor without shifting the focus to that window.


Scroll Search Engines :: Modules pour Firefox

Changes the selected search engine in the search bar by scrolling the mouse over the searchbar or search context menu.

Scrollbar Anywhere____Extensions firefox

Scrollbar Anywhere allows to scroll the page as if the scrollbar is under your mouse pointer. Just hold the right (or any other) mouse button down and move the mouse. Enjoy!

VolumeTouch: control system volume with the mouse (or hotkeys) - review & download link |

VolumeTouch gives quick control over your PC’s volume by using a combination of hotkeys and the mouse or arrow keys.

VolumeTouch __Freeware __Controls Volume with Your Mouse, Keyboard

Through your mouse's scroll wheel and customizable keyboard shortcuts. Most notably, VolumeTouch adds a great live-preview volume meter or percentage form as you change it.

Back to Top :Go to the top or bottom of a page with a single click: Firefox Add-ons

Using right clicks and control clicks you can scroll a page or line at a time. You can map the clicks any way you like. With drag and drop, the statusbar icons can be ergonomically arranged. +custom icon editor.


Activer la fonction X-Mouse

Pour activer et faire passer en premier plan une fenêtre Windows lorsque le curseur de la souris passe au dessus.A noter qu'il est possible d'obtenir le même résultat avec l'utilitaire TWEAKUI (présent sur le CD-ROM Windows 98) ou avec les PowerToys.

KatMouse - mouse wheel utility for Windows

Outil pour configurer finement la fonction de défilement des fenêtres de windows avec la roulette de la souris. Possibilité de déroulement des fenêtres ou de panneaux dans la fenêtre au focus de la souris. Paramétrage par application ou panneau d'a

Exact Mouse 2.0____________|MG| Free Download -

Tool to aid in the use of graphic design, web page construction, mechanical engineering and application development. Specifically,by augmenting the users control over mouse movements, by generating customizable rulers and by saving specific locations on t


Utiliser votre souris optique comme un scanner

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marrant, mais ne fonctionne pas avec la mienne...à creuser!


KatMouse - mouse wheel utility for Windows

Permet de donner du weeling dans toutes les application qui la refuse! INDISPENSABLE Marche dans Photoshop( les menus filtres avec previsualisation)... The prime purpose of the KatMouse utility is to enhance the functionality of mice with a scroll wheel

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