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TELEPHONE - TOOL - Nokia Nbu explorer – How to open .nbu Backup files

2009 - Nokia NbuExplorer is a free & small tool which allows opening the backup files from Nokia PC Suite which is a .nbu file. It is an excellent parser, extractor and viewer of Nokia NBU backup file (produced by Nokia Content Copier). You can browse and export contacts, messages, calendar, photos, files, etc


flickrfavr – a flickr app. explore favorites of favorites on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

View the favorite photos of your own favorites and discover great photos in a new way. Flickrfavr is a browser-based HTML/Javascript application to view your favorites' favorites. Your favorites (grouped by contact) are displayed as thumbnails on the left. Favorites of that contact are displayed on the right, three to a row, most recent first. Click an image to view a larger version with accompanying text. Images load seamlessly as you scroll. If you like the favorites of a particular user, click a link to load more. If you authenticate with Flickr, you can make a fave's fave your own fave from within the website.


Flickr: Discussing Fluidr - an easy to use web alternative to Flickr in Flickr API

A web-based Flickr viewer called Fluidr: it's in alpha at the moment but is quite stable. Fluidr is unique in a few ways. It offers a continuous pagination (infinite scroll) interface like Darckr and Flickriver but seamlessly turns into a slideshow with the press of a key (try hitting SPACEBAR). It also allows for adding faves and comments in the same interface (scroll or slideshow) rather than having to switch to a more cluttered one. Fluidr's interface is very simple, but allows you to view Flickr content in many ways. You can do the usual Explore/User/User Set/User Tag/Global Tag/Group Pool views, but you can also chose to explore a specific date using a calendar picker, view interesting videos from today or a date range (or an arbitrary date) and filter many of the previously mentioned views by photos only and videos only. Despite these options, it uses a common two line header that (I hope at least) isn't too confusing.

Flickroom - BETA

Flickroom is an Adobe AIR based application that provides the rich browsing experience Flickr users have long deserved. The dark theme ensures that your photographs look better than ever before! You can now receive instant notifications for any activity on your photostream, upload photos by just drag-and-drop, add comments, mark faves, add notes, tweet about your photos and also chat with other Flickroom users.

Konvertor est un programme de conversion/visualisation de fichiers - (l'extension Rif de Painter - Corel , entre autre) Plus d'infos

Il affiche, lit et convertit les fichiers graphiques, audios, textes et videos. 1750 formats sont traités. Cliquez ici ou sur 'Plus d'infos' pour en avoir la liste. Plusieurs versions de Konvertor batch existent. Elles n'exigent aucune interaction et sont lancées en ligne de commande (ou à partir d'un autre programme) avec comme seul paramètre un fichier de type .ini décrivant les divers paramètres possibles (dossier cible, recherche récursive, type de compression, redimentionnement etc...) Cliquez ici ici pour plus de détails.


8 outils pour visionner et rechercher des photos en ligne

Au bout d’un moment, visionner ses photos alignées les unes à coté des autres peu devenir lassant. Heureusement, il existe de nombreux outils qui permettent d’égayer vos photos de vacances ou de rendre une recherche plus agréable.

Picsviewr _ ___Flickr SlideShow

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Picsviewr provides a wide variety of slideshows (currently 7) for viewing your Flickr photos with more flexibility. Every Flickr user has a slideshow here. There is no need to create an account or configure anything and your preferences are saved. Simply enter your flickr username:

Blow Up - See your Flickr photosets in a great-looking, fullscreen display___A Bond Art + Science Fair Project

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# See your Flickr photosets in a great-looking, fullscreen display. # Deeplink to the exact sets or photos you want. # Downloadable to run on your own site or blog. # Customizable interface and color palette. # Lightning fast - Blow Up is under 50 kilobytes.

2007 : moteur de recherche de document (.pdf .doc…) indexé sur le web

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un moteur de recherche de document (.pdf .doc…) indexé sur le web. Le + : pouvoir prévisualiser le document dans le navigateur sans ouvrir d’application avec une rapidité etonnante. En Agrandissement l'image est un peu pixélisé...


Greased Lightbox

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Greased Lightbox is a Greasemonkey user script designed to enhance browsing on websites that link to images such as Google Image Search, Flickr, Gmail, and Facebook.

Greased LightBox _Flickr: GM Script: - Lets you view large size image, without leaving thumbnail page - Fli

Greased LightBox - Lets you view large size image, without leaving thumbnail page view profile steeev is a group administrator steeev Pro User [ INT ? ] says: I just found a really cool greasemonkey script, it works really well on Flickr, but a

Kinoma Player 3 EX (Anglais), _Palm Software - Visionner des vidéos et images et écouter de la musique sur Palm - Pdassi France - Grands logiciels pour petits ordinateurs

Kinoma Player 3 EX est un paquet complet pour regarder films, vidéos et photos, et écouter de la musique sur PDA. Le lecteur supporte les fichiers au format MPEG-4, les fichiers musicaux AAC et les images JPEG sans conversion. Qualités du programme: #


GLFlickrShow : OpenGL feeding on Flickr

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GLFlickrShow is a fullscreen OpenGL slideshow interface for exploring Flickr content. Configure, save, and share 'online slideshows'.

GMiF - (Google Maps in Flickr) Flickr Contacts_+_LfVr -(a Lightweight flickr )ViewerYuan.CC Web Experiments

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There's an easy way to see your geotagged photos on Gmap without leaving flickr. Just install the greasemonkey script to your firefox and see your photos shown on map right away. There will be a button added at the right-most of button bar if the photo is

Web Center Features - SVG - Manual Download

plugin adobe pour visualiser des cartes interactives et geolocalisées