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November 2008

MuvEnum Address Bar Replaces the Quick-Launching Taskbar in XP SP3

MuvEnum Address Bar Replaces the Quick-Launching Taskbar in XP SP3 Windows only: Service Pack 3 for Windows XP removed the ability of that operating system's users to keep a quick-launching address box on their taskbar session after session. MuvEnum Address Bar aims to address that shortfall, but also adds a few neat conveniences to the package. There's a customizable global hot key (Ctrl + Shift + A by default), bookmarks and history pulled from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and/or Google Chrome, auto-complete convenience, and a key to clear out MuvEnum's history without wiping out your browser's.

October 2008

FfChrome Compacts Firefox's Right-Click Menu

Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): FfChrome, a free add-on for Firefox browsers, lets users who do a lot of link-grabbing, picture saving, and other right-click-type operations decide exactly what they should see when they right-click anything in their browser. Once the extension is installed, users can check or un-check particular context menu items, such as the "Email this" tools, to and create a trim right-click box with just the essentials. Hover over the "Show All" option, though, and everything rolls out. FfChrome doesn't appear to support right-click items brought in by other extensions, though, so hopefully the developer will work the add-on into those options.

ReadTheWords.com___Program that can "read" text out loud

program that can "read" text out loud? I tried a few but they sound like robots talking. It would be nice to listen to blog articles while working. ...or do I need to just free up more reading time? .Seems to work pretty nice, you can choose the different voices that you want. They have a nice toolbar you can install and you can download the recordings to MP3 and use them on your MP3 player.

June 2008

Picture in Picture extension___Aka PiP, overlays videos from sites like YouTube in the corner of any other tab.

That way you can keep an eye on the video while you're going about the rest of your browsing business. You can set your preferred size for the picture-in-picture video to make it as small or large as you want,

Auto Context Saves Time with Your Right-Click

Auto Context Firefox extension automatically shows your right-click context menu as soon as you select text on a web page, taking a step out of your workflow if the right-click menu is your go-to toolbox.

October 2007

AutoSizer_____Manage Your Widescreen Monitor with AutoSizer

Automatically resizes and moves application windows to specific, user-defined sizes and screen locations as soon as they're opened. That means that if you've got a widescreen monitor with the perfect window layout that packs every last pixel with useful i

April 2007

How do you post to your blog? Let me count the ways

Just how many different ways can you post stuff to your blog? Library Clips has come up with quite a few; around 18 in fact.There's the standard bookmarklet and button options, but there's also quite a few on this list that I haven't seen before. What's y

Google AutoPager (Greasemonkey)________Download of the Day:

AutoPager enables "infinite scrolling" on Google search-results pagesWith AutoPager: It fetches and appends the next batch as you scroll down, creating the illusion of infinite

Screen Marker (Windows)___Utilitaire Marqueur Aide Mémoire Download of the Day:

Windows only: Screen Marker is a simple, tiny utility that lets you freehand draw on the current screen. Say, for instance, you're remote-controlling Mom's PC or doing a presentation and you want to circle an area of the screen - Screen Marker's for you

March 2007

Hack Google Maps URLs to zoom way in - Lifehacker

Google expert Philipp Lenssen details how to manipulate Google Maps URLs to zoom in close enough to see an individual camel in the middle of Africa. The technique doesn't work in all locations, but here's how to give it a try: 1. Select a location and swi

Explorer Breadcrumbs (Windows)__Download of the Day:

shows the directories you've navigated to get to the current folder, giving you an easy way to navigate back to one of the root folders or to another folder altogether through the drop-down next to each folder in the trail. To be perfectly honest, Explore