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GoogleEnhancer :: Add-ons for Firefox

Light-weight Google enhancement Adds... ___ The extension work only if I type in Firefox Search Bar at the upper right side of the screen. Please fix the extension, is great! ___ -Icons, -Numbering, -Highlighting, -and more search options: 'By date' and 'By language' your Google search results

Google Search Fixed Topbar - Greasemonkey

Fixed Topbar – Download Google Search Tools This script shows the Google top bar (a navigation bar with links taking you to Images, News result pages for your current search) even if you scroll down to see further results. It makes it visible all the time, even when you’re scrolling. Saves you a few seconds. Fixed Topbar – Download


Naviguer dans les resultats de Google sans quitter la page [Extension Firefox]

GoogleResultsWalker est une nouvelle extension pour Firefox permettant de naviguer dans les résultats de Google sans quitter Google. L’extension ajoute un lien “Preview” en dessous de chaque résultat. Cliquez dessus pour afficher le site en question dans la page des résultats de Google. Très bonne utilisation de tout l’espace blanc laissé par Google, vous devrez par contre posséder un écran relativement grand (19” devrait faire l’affaire)

Flickr: Discussing GM Script: Flickramio in Flickr Hacks

his script put 2 google earth map's next to the photo if the image is geotagged, just like Panoramio.


Featured Greasemonkey User Script: Get GMaps Full-Screen with Google Maps Max - Lifehacker

Take advantage of every pixel of Google Maps screen real estate with the Google Maps Max Greasemonkey script/Stylish user style. GMaps Max wipes out the top header whitespace and displays your map full screen...Removes the Google copyright symbol ...

Google Tag Cloud Maker__Extension_permet d'afficher à côté de vos résultats Google habituels un de ces fameux nuages de tags.

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Permet d'afficher à côté de vos résultats Google habituels un de ces fameux nuages de tags. Celui-ci présente les mots les plus fréquents dans les résultats de votre recherche. Un clic sur l'un deux l'envoie dans la barre de recherche, permettant a

Google AutoPager (Greasemonkey)________Download of the Day:

AutoPager enables "infinite scrolling" on Google search-results pagesWith AutoPager: It fetches and appends the next batch as you scroll down, creating the illusion of infinite

Hack Google Maps URLs to zoom way in - Lifehacker

Google expert Philipp Lenssen details how to manipulate Google Maps URLs to zoom in close enough to see an individual camel in the middle of Africa. The technique doesn't work in all locations, but here's how to give it a try: 1. Select a location and swi

GooFD: Google et delicious search navigation interface greasemonkey

Puts related links in your Google search results, and related Flickr photos in your Google image results

Google Images Re-Linker ____Google image navigation interface extension greasemonkey

Rewrites links in Google Images to point straight to the image instead of the thumbnail in a frame

Google Search Keys____Google navigation interface extension

Numbers the results in a Google search page and you can type the corresponding number to follow the link. Updated: 2005-04-26

Google Show Page greasemonkey

Shows the page number on the upper left on Google search result pages. Works great with Google Accesskeys. This is how it looks:

GoogleShowPageNumber__Greasmonkey extension

Shows the page number on the upper right on Google search result pages. Great in combination with [WWW]Google Access Keys

Advanced Dork________Eextension advenced search tool for Google

This small, yet powerful extension was designed to give quick access to many of Google's Advanced Operators...Advanced Dork: gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators directly from the context menu.Advanced Dork: Main Functions: * Highlight any t


ZERO SECONDE: Navigation par grappe : carnet de note ouvert de Martin Lessard

vier 2006 Navigation par grappe TouchGraph GoogleBrowser est un outil graphique permettant de visualiser des sites similaires (selon Google). Il crée des aggrégations de sites, comme des nébuleuses de sites, que l'on peut naviguer globalement, facileme

nextplease___Firefox extension: -

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NextPlease! is a Firefox extension that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to jump to next and previous links on search results pages, like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, and many other sites. So install it, and let me know what you think. Features * H