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CSS - TAB - Pure CSS Tab Panel

KIS (Keep It Simple) A simple succession of headings and divs should lead users to assume - rightly - that those headings are followed by their respective section (by the content they "introduce"). This alone is enough for screen-reader users to make sense of the markup—after all, when it comes to content, this is the most common markup pattern on the Web.

CSS - TAB - Tab Panel, the right way...

The recipe for the best user experience: Start with POSH, a simple set of heading/div pairs Add ARIA (role, aria-selected, aria-hidden, aria-labelledby) and tabindex attributes using JavaScript as these would be confusing if there was no behavior attached to the widgets. Use JavaScript to also plug a class on the component according to its type (accordion or tabpanel). Style the widget using the selector inserted by the script, this way containers are not hidden if there is no script support. Use cursor to style the tabs because those behave like buttons (default), not links (pointer). In case the component is displayed as a Tab Panel, style it as an Accordion before its tabs start wrapping (to accomodate user’s font-size) or at narrow widths...... ../..


STY - USERSTYLES Rounded first and last tab - Themes and Skins for Browser -

A style I made for fun, to round the first tab top left corner, and new tab top right corner. A good demonstration of using child tokens

CSS- DEMO - (Better) Round Out Tabs

(Better) Tabs with Round Out Borders We'll show how you can use the CSS :before and :after pseudo elements to create a rounded bottom border edge for each tab without using images.


CSS - CSS3 zone réservée aux onglets | CSS-Tricks

Pour un clic sur un onglet, masquer tous les panneaux, montrer celui qui correspond à l'onglet juste cliqué.


QuizoApps: QTTabBar : Tab Browsing Feature to your Explorer.

QTTabBar is an Add-In that gives Tab Browsing Feature to your Explorer. Folder grouping, histories, etc.


Window Tabifier - Comment ajouter des onglets à l’explorateur Windows - KORBEN

Ça s'appelle Window Tabifier, il vous permettra par exemple de copier des fichiers d'un onglet à l'autre (pratiiiiiiiiiiique !). Window Tabifier est open source et portable, ce qui veut dire que vous pouvez l'emmener partout avec vous sur une clé USB. Et puis sous linux, c'est de base avec Nautilus

FoxTab :: Add-ons for Firefox

3D in your browser! FoxTab brings innovative 3D functionality to your Firefox.


Tab Scope______Au passage de la souris sur un onglet, elle affiche une miniature de la page associée à l'onglet.

Un clic droit sur la vignette, double sa grandeur. Elle contient aussi les icônes "reculer d'une page", "avancer d'une page","actualiser la page", "fermer la page". Il est même possible de scroller la page dans la vignette.

Focus Last Selected Tab v0.9.5

Focus the last selected tab when closing.

Informational Tab :: Firefox Add-ons

Vignette prévisulisation dans Tab___Provides thumbnail, progress meter, or others to each tab.

Taboo___If you keep tons of tabs open because you want to continue reading them later, Taboo is for you.

Taboo lets you save a page for later (taking a screenshot, and using the Session Saver code to remember scroll location and form fields)


20 Tips to Tweak Your Tabs | Firefox Facts

You owe a lot to your tabs in Firefox. Without them you would have a desktop filled with clutter. So why not do something nice for your tabs and give them a few tweaks?


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This extension adds a new “FaviconizeTab” option to the context menu of the tab. When it is clicked, The width of the tab becomes small up to the size of favicon.

Tab Kit Firefox extension____Organize Your Tabs By Site with Tab Kit

Organize your tabs by domain or origin, manage their layout, and more ....

LinkWad___Manage tabbed browsing sessions by saving groups of tabs as "wads."...

LinkWad is a Firefox extension that enables users to more easily manage tabbed browsing sessions by saving groups of tabs as "wads."...

Open multiple links with Snap Links___Firefox Extension

Snap Links enables you to open multiple links in new tabs just by dragging a box around them.

SessionManager - Geckozone - Extensions en français pour Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird et Nvu

Session Manager (traduit : "Gestionnaire de session"), basée sur Crash Recovery (extension permettant de reprendre une session interrompue par un plantage), enregistre et restaure l'état de toutes les fenêtres - soit sur votre demande (vous pouvez enre

Page Title Erase__Extention firefox____Allows to hide title and icon (favicon.ico) of the selected tab

The Page Title Eraser (PTE) is a simple Mozilla Firefox extension which allows to hide title and icon (favicon.ico) of the selected tab. It provides more privacy at your workplace.

Snap Links____extension navigation multi-tab open

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Snap Links allows the user to easily open multiple links contained in a selected area in new tabs.

Tab Preview____extension firefox_Ted's Mozilla page -

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Shows a preview of tab contents when you move your mouse over a background tab. It's simple to use, but surprisingly useful.