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July 2007

Toolbar Buttons :: Modules pour Thunderbird

adds buttons to the Customize Toolbar Window. To move them from there to the Toolbar you must right click the toolbar and press customize select what buttons you want to use and drag them to the toolbar.

Options Menu :: Modules pour Thunderbird

Provides quick access to the options dialogs of installed extensions. Access is via an \'Extension Options\' cascade menu on the Tools menu or by a Toolbar icon.

May 2007

Send page by email____Extension____mail___Pour envoyer une page web par mail (et non un simple lien).

Send webpages you see in firefox by email to you and your friends. Update (0.2.0) : Send images as well as links on the webpage with the email so that the recipients can see all the images and open all the links directly from the email. .

Email This! Bookmarklet Extension___Envois de page sur votre WebMail favori

Ce que vous sélectionnez et diverses informations sur la page partent en direction de Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, et d'autres. Pratique.

April 2007