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GoogleEnhancer :: Add-ons for Firefox

Light-weight Google enhancement Adds... ___ The extension work only if I type in Firefox Search Bar at the upper right side of the screen. Please fix the extension, is great! ___ -Icons, -Numbering, -Highlighting, -and more search options: 'By date' and 'By language' your Google search results

Google Search Fixed Topbar - Greasemonkey

Fixed Topbar – Download Google Search Tools This script shows the Google top bar (a navigation bar with links taking you to Images, News result pages for your current search) even if you scroll down to see further results. It makes it visible all the time, even when you’re scrolling. Saves you a few seconds. Fixed Topbar – Download


Flickr More Search –

Search all of your contacts for photos, and more...This is a script to enhance the search page in Flickr.


I've created a GM script to make it easier to get to your ticker page. It was based almost entirely after netomer's Scout link GM script.

Amaznode____Carte des produits recommandés à partir de la base Amazon

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carte des produits recommandés à partir de la base Amazon . A relation based search engine for amazon which is made with adobe flash9(as3). This search engine visualize a relatioon network of products in amazon, from the statistics data "customers who

Google Tag Cloud Maker__Extension_permet d'afficher à côté de vos résultats Google habituels un de ces fameux nuages de tags.

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Permet d'afficher à côté de vos résultats Google habituels un de ces fameux nuages de tags. Celui-ci présente les mots les plus fréquents dans les résultats de votre recherche. Un clic sur l'un deux l'envoie dans la barre de recherche, permettant a

HighlightAll____Extension highlights all occurrences of the selected text.

This extension highlights all occurrences of the selected text. When enabled, just select text with your mouse, and all occurrences will automatically get highlighted - no context menu! Another click in the document will remove highlighting. Works also i

Repagination | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

See more search results etc. on one page, concatenating several pages together. To use, right-click on a "Next" link (it works with other languages, too) or a "2" link, select Re-Pagination, All. Or select Re-pagination, Limited and the number of pages to

ThePiratebay.org__TPB Full Search:___extension navigation greasemonkey

Extends the search interface so you can search in specific categories, and show only results with seeders. Also traverses into the following pages, to collect results. Does not work very well with the "TPB Hide Seedless Torrents" above. Added 2005-08-18.

GooFD: Google et delicious search navigation interface greasemonkey

Puts related links in your Google search results, and related Flickr photos in your Google image results

Advanced Dork________Eextension advenced search tool for Google

This small, yet powerful extension was designed to give quick access to many of Google's Advanced Operators...Advanced Dork: gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators directly from the context menu.Advanced Dork: Main Functions: * Highlight any t


Cooliris Previews (Extention IE/Firefox/Safari)__Preview search results___Download of the Day:

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari only: Preview search results, embedded images, YouTube videos and more just by mousing over them with the Cooliris Previews 2.0 browser extension. Previously limited to Google, eBay, Craigslist and a few other sites