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Suppression de fichier/liste

Il pemet dans votre liste de lecture de retirer toutes les chansons déja lues.+ la suppression réelle de fichier, le déplacement dans un dossier temporaraire etc...De sauvegarde de la liste toutes les x minutes, d'eteindre le pc à la fin de la liste l

Foobar2000 plugin : Album Art Panel ___Components 0.9/(foo uie albumart) - Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase

Album Art Panel is a component for foobar2000 and Columns UI that displays album art in a panel. When configured, it can display any image you would like to associate with a track.


This is a special section for anyone wanting to stitch together panoramic photographs using software. Firstly I would recommend you check out the extremely informative website. Then check out these two programs I prefer to use. * Hugin - Th

Picasa2flickr: Flickr API

Yes there is a beta version, you can find it on It's pretty easy to test (if you have the last version of Picasa under windows): you just have to put a file into the 'buttons' directory of Picasa, and use the new "Send to fl

Picasa2flickr - Flickr Plugin Export for Picasa ( Updated for Picasa 3 Beta)

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Based on the proof of concept provided by Tabblo and using the nice flickj api, picasa2flickr provides a kind of plugin to picasa that allows users to export their photos to flickr. The mechanism: 1. Using a custom "BlogThis" Button, picasa posts XML data

Albumwrap tool___Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

Albumwrap tool lets you jump to the mp3 offset in an Albumwrap mp3. Have Winamp running and control it via this application, CODED IN C# so REQUIRES .NET FRAMEWORK v1.1+

AudioCover _______Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

With this plugin you can: - autoamatiacaly download and display covers from internet - display covers directly from tracks (ID3Tag) - display "folder.jpg" - edit damaged covers (crop, rotate etc.) Supported files: mp3, wma Supported winamp versions: 2.9+,

SendTo ___Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

Do you need copy files from winamp playlist to some folder (e.g. folder for burning, portable media player, etc)? Than do it easy with SendTo plugin. SendTo plugin add item to winamp playlist for send file to specified path from playlist.

Support for Fast User Switching v4 ____Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

This plug-in lets you define actions which are executed when you lock/unlock the computer or when another user logs in. You can choose from various actions for each of these events.

Nugen Advanced Control ____Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

From visualization randomizer, to file management, to stop watch timer, to tray control, to a Winamp history list, etc. etc.... the interface is fairly easy to figure out


Utilisation du plugin KSTR_Freebox et Ktv__Guide d'utilisation special Freebox

Pour diffuser le flux de KSTR vers votre Freebox via par exemple freeplayer, il faut utiliser cette playlist: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:0,KSTR -- K!TV -- Streaming #EXTVLCOPT:file-caching=1200 L'adresse IP et le port (ici

Plug-ins pour K!TV 2.3.x.x ____:Chez Cricri : index

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Plug-ins pour K!TV 2.3.x.x : * Pack de plug-ins: Cricrack, KiwiCricri, Meuhmeuh, Arcadia, Albtor707, Albator, Kazertix02, Kazertix03, Kazertix04, Chorus, Chorus-wilma, Compressor.

plugin KSTR - Recherche Google

Plug-in de streaming en version beta pour K!Tv pour diffuser sur FreePlayer -VLC de la FreeBox

plugin KSTR___Streaming K!TV sur Freeplayer___Tutoriels

Utilisation du plugin KSTR 1beta2 pour K!TV 2.4beta2 La dll K_KSTR.dll est a copier dans le répertoire plugin Les autres dll (ogg.dll, vorbis.dll, PluginMsg.dll) sont a copier dans le répertoire de K!TV.exe La fréquence d'échantillonnage du son d

Ruby Script from the Sketchup Forums on Windows______How To Download a

Welcome to the Ruby Script Download Tutorial! This series of 6 quick steps will illustrate the simple process needed to download a ruby script from the Sketchup Ruby Forum (when using Windows). I hope you find this information helpful.

Flickr: New application - MultiMediaBox Image Panel - Flickr API

Hi, I have recently released a new plugin for the MultiMediaBox application The new plugin is called Image Panel. With Image Panel you can create new photo sets, upload your photos to flickr, see your photos, search for


ZoomOut - Le plugin d'enregistrement de K!TV - Redirect by

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Ce site regroupe différents plugins pour le programme K!TV. K!TV est une application de télévision pouvant remplacer avantageusement celle livrée avec votre carte télévision. Grâce à sa compatibilité avec la plupart des cartes TV, sa recherche au

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