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🛠 FIREFOX ADDON - ANDROID - Unified Script Injector (usi) - Install userscripts on Firefox for Android - gHacks Tech News

Unified Script Injector (usi) is a new Firefox add-on that has been designed to provide users of Firefox for Android with means to run userscripts. While Firefox desktop users have some choice when it comes to adding userscript support to their browser, Greasemonkey and the newly released Tampermonkey come to mind, none of these option appear to work on Firefox for Android. The new Firefox add-on usi changes that by adding support for a wide variety of usrescripts. The author notes on the official add-on page that the add-on supports some Greasemonkey functions but not all of them. What this means is that you may encounter userscripts that don't work yet when you install them with the help of the browser extension.

❀ 🛠 BOKMARKLETS - ImgOps > Image Bookmarklets / Firefox Addon

Useful bookmarklet apps for online photos. But seems not working... You can use (FireFox) which provide this tool too and many other - Fully Customisable: Image Search Options ImgOps : Our main bookmarklet app for image operations. Each operation is a free and instant online image app; no account required. TO USE: While viewing any web page, click the bookmarklet; Choose from the list of images on that page; Choose a utility. The web utilities listed will include free online image editors, GIF editors, instant online photo hosting, Instagram-like filters, photo forensic tools, EXIF data, and several ways to search the web for information about an image. Enable Save: A bookmarklet app to help you save images or text. It disables all click-blockers on a web page so you can use the context menu, save images, or copy text. TO USE: While viewing any web page, click the bookmarklet; Right-click on an image, or select text on the page; Copy or save. This handy tool is more powerful than similar click-enablers which enable right-click. It work on all frames and it disables all click handlers on all page elements. It might cause some web pages to stop working as expected, but reloading the effected page will return it to normal.

🛠 ADDON - PODCAST - Podcast Player Prime :: MyBrowserAddon

Includes a built-in music player to play and manage your favorite podcasts. Includes a built-in downloader, to download the desired audio tracks. Has a nice color-palette which can be used for adjusting the THEME color. You can manage all cached items within the App. Several other settings in order to adjust various aspects and functionalities according to your need. Available for platforms, including all web-browsers and smart-phones.

EXTENSION - PDF - Print Selection to PDF :: MyBrowserAddon

Easily print a mouse selection to PDF through right-click (context menu) item.

🛠 CHROME - LOADED from FIREFOX ADDON - Linkify Plus Plus

This extension can be installed on Chrome. However, it is not hosted on Chrome Webstore. You have to download the source code and load the extension as an unpacked extension. Download and extract the ZIP file. Navigate to chrome://extensions/. Enable "Developer mode". Click "LOAD UNPACKED" button and select the extension folder that is previously extracted. Other explanation:

NO GAFAM - Pourquoi et comment j'ai quitté les GAFAM - Net-Security

ma petite contribution est d’utiliser des solutions respectueuses de la vie privĂ©e des utilisateurs et de les promouvoir. Dans l’idĂ©al des solutions libres et Open Source. En plus de ça, j’essaie de prĂ©parer des sessions de sensibilisations, de rĂ©pandre mes idĂ©es autour de moi (et ça fonctionne sur certaines personnes). J’essaie Ă©galement d’hĂ©berger des services et de les proposer comme Nextcloud, un nƓud Tor ou encore Et pour finir, je rĂ©alise des dons Ă  des services que je trouve important comme WikipĂ©dia ou encore Framasoft.

Firefox et le DoH (DNS Over HTTPS), petit souci technique » Le Blog de Hedi

Vous ĂȘtes comme moi, vous avez bien suivi l’affaire de Firefox et la mise en place du DoH, Ă  travers le problĂ©matique fournisseur « CloudFare ». Afin de ne pas refaire un Ă©niĂšme article de dĂ©monstration, je vous link plutĂŽt ceci ProblĂšme aprĂšs modif ? De mon cĂŽtĂ©, bien Ă©videmment, j’ai pas envie que toute mes requĂȘtes DNS passent chez cloudfare, donc je me suis empressĂ© de modifier la variable que vous connaissez maintenant : network.trr.mode dans le about:config afin de lui mettre la valeur 5. Seulement, voila, aprĂšs avoir effectuĂ© la modification, le navigateur ne parvenait plus Ă  rĂ©soudre les noms de domaines. Dans wireshark je ne voyais rien passer, que ce soit de type DNS ou pas. J’ai donc remis la valeur Ă  son initial (0) mais j’ai par contre enlevĂ© dans les variables network.trr.uri, network.trr.credentials et network.trr.bootstrapAddress les liens en place pour laisser du vide. Je refais le test sur wireshark, et la je vois bien mes requĂȘtes DNS qui partent vers mon PiHole. Parfait !

3D - SculptGL (sculpter directement dans Firefox ou Chrome avec Web version))

SculptGL is a digital sculpting web app, with sources available on github. Also available on the chrome web store. If you want to download a standalone version, you can download it here (identical as the web version). Sketchfab made a fork of the old SculptGL version with a new design : Sculptfab.


WATERFOX/FIREFOX - FECT Firefox Extension: One method of finding the conflicting add-on

One method of finding the conflicting add-on is to disable each of your extensions one by one until you find the culprit. If you have more than just a handful of extensions, this can be very time consuming. A more efficient method would be to disable only half of the extensions then test to see if the conflict is resolved. If it is, then you know the culprit is one of the disabled extensions. If not, you need to re-enable those extensions and disable the other half. You go back and forth disabling/enabling extensions until you whittle down the list to a single culprit. While the most efficient method, it can be very confusing keeping track of which extensions to disable/enable. This is what FECT does. A FECT session consists of several iterations of different extension configurations. It will randomly disable/enable one half of the installed extensions during each iteration depending on how you answer the question "Was the conflict resolved?". During my test runs, FECT was able to determine the culprit extension after about five to seven iterations (with 42 installed extensions).

WATERFOX - Web whatsapp requires Firefox update since a few days : waterfox

For a few days now Whatsapp web has been asking me to update my Firefox to the latest version. I have a few instances of Waterfox running and this is the only system where this issue arises. Try this: add general.useragent.override.WEBSITE [ (or whaterver the address is)] in about:config and set it's value to Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0 or some other correct user agent. Addon you used might be bad, if above doesn't work you can try uMatrix (at least to test if it will work). If that wont work either, you can try and remove cookies and other local data for that websiteThanks will try that. I am using which does the trick for other sites like Spotify.

UPLOAD - Firefox Send : un nouveau service gratuit de partage de fichiers

La Fondation Mozilla vient d'ouvrir Ă  tous Firefox Send, un service gratuit permettent de partager des fichiers jusqu'Ă  2,5 Go.


DESSINER - Chrome Canvas: A Web App For Drawing On Your Chromebook From Google

it is available to anyone interested at That’s the beauty of the web. No app store, no OS limitations. This simple and effective app is right there on the web and can be tied to your Google account for saving files. Just hit up that link and click your 3-dot menu and select ‘install Canvas.’

XPI - firefox - Install Firebug Extension Manually - Stack Overflow (I used this solution to install manually ThumbnaiZoom)

To install Firebug manually : There are two ways to run extensions manually: 1. Extract the XPI : Download the XPI file that contains the extension Locate the 'extensions' folder within your profile (e.g. via Firefox menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information > Show Folder) Create a new folder within the 'extensions' folder and call it like the add-on's id (for Firebug this is [email protected]) Extract the XPI into that folder 2. Get the sources from the git repository: A detailed description for how to do that can be found on the development setup description on the Firebug wiki. It's similar to the description above with the addition that you'll be able to always get the latest sources. Two notes: - The folder name must be the same as the addon's ID (look in install.rdf of the addon) In your case it's not firebug-2.0b1 , but [email protected] - The directory where the addon should be placed is not where the Firefox itself is installed, but into your Firefox's profile. By default it's in %APPDATA%MozillaFirefoxProfilesXXXXXextensions (where XXXXX is name of your profile folder. More info about profiles you can find here)

SECURITE - ONLINE TOOL - VĂ©rifiez vos comptes corrompus avec Firefox Monitor

l est malheureusement presque devenu récurrent d'apprendre qu'un service Web - qu'il soit confidentiel ou incontournable - s'est fait pirater et dérober une bonne partie de ses bases de données. Pour savoir s'il l'on fait partie des personnes dont les informations personnelles ont été dérobées, Mozilla vient de mettre en ligne un nouveau service de vérification appelé Firefox Monitor. Le fonctionnement de Firefox Monitor (lien en anglais) est trÚs simple. Une fois sur le site, il suffit de rentrer son adresse électronique pour découvrir si celle-ci fait partie des données volées lors d'un piratage. Si c'est effectivement le cas, Firefox Monitor vous indiquera le service concerné, le nombre total de comptes compromis, la période du piratage mais surtout quelles données ont été dérobées (adresses mail, mots de passe, nom d'utilisateurs, etc).

TELECHARGER - how to download vimeo video in firefox - YouTube

how to download vimeo video in firefox : In adressbar icon > propriety > media etc > Save

ADDON - Outil de Recherche - Zotero Connector addon firefox at DuckDuckGo

Zotero is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources and then share the results of your research. Zotero est un outil de recherche puissant et facile à utiliser qui vous aide à rassembler, organiser et analyser des sources, puis à partager les résultats de vos recherches.

FIR>57 - How to enable Firefox WebExtensions on Mozilla websites - gHacks Tech News

The hidden Firefox preference :privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager removes the WebExtensions restriction. Here is how you set it: 1 - Load about:config in the Firefox web browser. You can run a search for privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager just to make sure it does not exist. It does not in the most recent Firefox Nightly builds at the time of writing. 2 - Right-click in the part of the window that lists the preferences, and select New > Boolean from the context menu. 3 - Name the new Boolean value privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager. Set its value to true. A value of true means that WebExtensions work normally on Mozilla's website. You can undo the change at any time by setting the preference to false on the about:config page of the browser. Mozilla added the new hidden preference to Firefox 57. It is not available in Firefox 56, and there is no option to introduce it in the browser. Firefox Stable users who run WebExtensions right now need to wait until the browser is updated to version 57 to set the preference and gain the functionality

FIR >62 - Mozilla makes it more difficult to block Firefox updates - gHacks Tech News

Closing Words: While it is generally not recommended to disable the installation of updates, it should be up to the user to make that decision in my opinion. Yes, it would be great if all users would run the latest version of Firefox but users have multiple reasons for not wanting to update. While it is more difficult to block update checking entirely in Firefox, an option to do so still exists even in Firefox 63 and future versions released after Firefox 63.

CSS - PRO TIPS - CSS element() function - [: -moz-element()]Vincent De Oliveira

element() brings CSS design to a new level, in an easily way. Few ideas that comes to my mind (some that I've already used since the last 4 years): - when you have to deal with duplicated content in advanced effects - live thumbnails of previous/next slides in a slideshow - live zoom over an image, for example in an e-commerce product page - animated background, using CSS Animations or by referencing a video, canvas or SVG - faking backdrop-filter or filter() - watermark with multiples backgrounds from Lea Verou idea - and anything you’re currently thinking of ;) Few things we can note: - prefixed for now in Firefox: -moz-element() - impact on rendering performance when using multiple reference. Not as bad as CSS filters, but still something you have to consider - there’s a CanIUse support page - Issue Chromium - Issue WebKit - No mention from IE Platform Status

ADDON - MyBrowserAddon - Community for Open-source Projects ::

MyBrowserAddon is a community for open-source projects. It houses the documentation, tutorial, code related to open-source projects and is dedicated to developers who are interested in learning about and contributing to these projects. Here, you can explore different ways we serve the open-source community and also help us to make these open-source projects even more awesome! Open-source development promotes not only innovation but also accelerates progress in all aspects of software development. Currently we are focused on supporting non-commercial browser-based projects (addon, plug-in) within communities. But, in future we will branch-out to other areas including health and education!

FIREFOX - ADDON - EXTENSION - TEST PILOT - Latest Firefox Test Pilot Experiments: Custom Color and Side View - The Mozilla Blog

Before we bring new features to Firefox, we give them a test run to make sure they’re right for our users. To help determine which features we add and how exactly they should work, we created the Test Pilot program.

FIREFOX - ADDON - EXPERIMENt - TEST PILOT - Color is a new Firefox Test Pilot Experiment - gHacks Tech News

You need to install the Test Pilot extension and the Firefox Color experiment to get started. You may do so in Firefox Stable or any other version of the browser that is supported by Mozilla. Color opens a special interface after installation which you interact with to create the theme and save or share it. The Firefox Color website displays several interactive elements on the page that depict browser UI elements.

FIR - SECURITY + PRIVACY - Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs |

There is a huge selection of Firefox add-ons for tweaking privacy and security, some of the most popular of which are Adblock Plus and it’s many derivatives, NoScript, Flashblock, Ghostery, Web of Trust, BetterPrivacy, Lightbeam, Disconnect, Self-Destructing Cookies, Cookies Manager+, Request Policy, Policeman, Bluhell Firewall, RefControl, Smart Referer, HTTPS Everywhere and many, many others. With some possible exceptions, we won’t be using any of these, yet will retain much of the most important functionality offered by most of them with just a few add-ons, along with a plethora of changes to our Firefox configuration.