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April 2008

RichScrollbar :: Modules pour Firefox

Add to scrollbars some buttons to simplify common scrolling operations, actually only one button is present allowing scrolling to the top/bottom of the page.

February 2008

Favorite Surfer: Browse favorite photos on Flickr.

Browse through public photos on Flickr from the favorites of one user to another. Start by entering a user name or choosing a random starting point.

Flickr Filter Hearts on Flickr_________Greasemonkey Script:

Annoyed by big images which are included in invitations or awards to some groups?. This script replaces these images with the text "[image]". It keeps buddy icons which are often used to reply to other comments. It also creates links to the original image

December 2007

Flickr YouTubr__lire directement video YouTube depuis Flickr

Ce mashup YouTube/Flickr permet de lire les vidéos directement dans FlickR si un lien vers une vidéo s’y trouve. Pour déclencher la lecture vous disposez d’un bouton supplémentaire. La vidéo sera lancé dans le cadre de la photo.

October 2007

20 Tips to Tweak Your Tabs | Firefox Facts

You owe a lot to your tabs in Firefox. Without them you would have a desktop filled with clutter. So why not do something nice for your tabs and give them a few tweaks?

Darckr v0.23

Now features streaming pages in "comment mode". This allows to visit Flickr content down to very ancient photos, and drop comments or faves when wanted. A truly new experience.

Featured Greasemonkey User Script: Get GMaps Full-Screen with Google Maps Max - Lifehacker

Take advantage of every pixel of Google Maps screen real estate with the Google Maps Max Greasemonkey script/Stylish user style. GMaps Max wipes out the top header whitespace and displays your map full screen...Removes the Google copyright symbol ...

July 2007

MessageFaces :: Modules pour Thunderbird

Face images are intended to represent the sender, in the form of photos, cartoons, logos and so on. MessageFaces supports embedded PNG Face Headers, X-Face,, local face images and remote Face URLs.

Toolbar Buttons :: Modules pour Thunderbird

adds buttons to the Customize Toolbar Window. To move them from there to the Toolbar you must right click the toolbar and press customize select what buttons you want to use and drag them to the toolbar.

ThunderBrowse for Thunderbird :: Modules pour Thunderbird

adds a URL Bar to the Thunderbird interface to view websites without having to open browsers. It doesn't require you to add buttons to your toolbar, as it adds to the message preview pane, without taking up much space.

Options Menu :: Modules pour Thunderbird

Provides quick access to the options dialogs of installed extensions. Access is via an \'Extension Options\' cascade menu on the Tools menu or by a Toolbar icon.

Flickr More Search –

Search all of your contacts for photos, and more...This is a script to enhance the search page in Flickr.

Flickr Pool Date –

Show when the photo was added in a group pool.if it was added less than 10 days ago, shows the number of days and hours, otherwise show a full date DD/MM/YYYY

Antipagination - Geckozone - Extensions en français pour Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird et Nvu

Permet d'afficher tous les résultats d'une recherche (Google, Yahoo, etc.) sur une seule page.

FullerScreen____offre (enfin !) un véritable mode plein écran (touche F11) avec des options avancées.

options par le clic droit sur l'icône de la barre d'état .pouri choisir avec précision le délai de réapparition des barres lorsque vous approchez le curseur du bord de l'écran, choisir quelles barres conserver ou non, etc. (voir la capture d'écran

Flickr: Flickriver - new Flickr viewer and Greasemonkey script - Discussing Flickriver - new Flickr viewer and Greasemonkey script in Flickr Hacks

Flickriver is a new web-app/site that offers a different approach to viewing Flickr photos. I'm cross-posting with the API group, because I have a Greasemonkey script, a bookmarklet and several additional 'hacks' that might also be relevant to this group.

Darckr now goes Multi Page! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Darckr now allows to explore a stream, or set, or pool, page after page, and it works when in comment mode too (except on your contacts, because the flickr api does not allow for multipage contact's photos)

Buddy Last Activity on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Check when a Flickr user last commented or faved one of your photo (if ever) from the buddy menu.The script checks in the last 31 days.

June 2007

Flickr: PICLENS -Launched too PicLens for Firefox (Windows) - Cinematic Viewer for Flickr & Images - Discussing PICLENS -- Cinematic Viewer for Flickr & Images in Flickr Hacks

Transforms the Flickr user's browser window into an immersive cinematic experience for viewing web images on Flickr and other image sites. Macworld Online : "gorgeous" and "a great idea

Flickr: FlickrLocalStream (An RSS Feed) - Discussing FlickrLocalStream (An RSS Feed) in Flickr Hacks

Give flickr a "localized view", a configurable RSS feed of new photos relevant to your location!This is a YahooPipes implementation + flickr api to take distinct approaches to finding newly uploaded photos related to your geographical area of interest.


I've created a GM script to make it easier to get to your ticker page. It was based almost entirely after netomer's Scout link GM script.

May 2007

150 extensions pour firefox___liste Extension_Libellule

Ces extensions sont compatibles avec firefox 2.0, il s'agit d'une sélection orientée performances, sécurité et fonctions.

Installing Styles | userstyles.org___extension ___styles améliorants vos sites

Installing styles from this site is as easy as a pressing the "Load into Stylish" button on a style's page when you have Stylish installed. A dialog will come up where you can rename, edit, and preview the style. Once you're happy with the style, press Sa