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Flickr Cross-Recommendations –

Adds a "People who faved this also faved..." panel to photos on Flickr


Geofeeds on Flickr - Geo RSS _ new

Fickr is now offering a rss geo feed and a google earth kml file. Open the kml file (found near the bottom of every flickr users latest page of photo), it open up in google earth showing my most 20 (ish) recent photos that i added geolocation data to in f

Flickr More Search –

Search all of your contacts for photos, and more...This is a script to enhance the search page in Flickr.

Buddy Last Activity on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Check when a Flickr user last commented or faved one of your photo (if ever) from the buddy menu.The script checks in the last 31 days.


I've created a GM script to make it easier to get to your ticker page. It was based almost entirely after netomer's Scout link GM script.

"Also Starring" Greasemonkey Script on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Do your photos ever feature other Flickr users? Just tag the photo with something like "flickr:folk=screen_name_of_that_user_goes_here" and her avatar will show up right under the picture, with a convenient link to her profile. Install:

Upcoming Event information 0.2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This is a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that will show details of the event a photo is attached to.This is based on the new tagging notation introduced this week by flickr and upcoming (but also supports the old notation upcoming:event_id):

Flickr Buddy Interestingness on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This script will add a new item to the buddy menu that gives you a quick access to the 25 most interesting photos of the given user.

darckr username.jpg on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Darckr ; wrote to simply build a black web page that would honour my Flickr contact's photos, and that I could use as my welcome web page in my favorite browser (firefox). I like viewing photos on a black background, so this is the default appearance of D

Easy Photo Post in Comment by mortimer : Flickr Hacks

This script will remember the 15 last photos [2] you have visited and display their thumbnail over every comment box on Flickr. You can select the size you want to post and then click on the thumbnail of the photo of interest to insert the obscure voOdOo

SendTo ___Winamp Media Player » Plug-ins

Do you need copy files from winamp playlist to some folder (e.g. folder for burning, portable media player, etc)? Than do it easy with SendTo plugin. SendTo plugin add item to winamp playlist for send file to specified path from playlist.


Flickr Group Display___GM script

Display group membership next to pictures in your photostream for view and fave groups like topv-111. Helps manage memberships in groups based on number of views and favorites. When viewing your photos sorted by Views or Favorites, the script will determi

Group Page Enhancer on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

adds more information to your page. Currently, it will give you(see the notes on the photo): - the 8 last photos in the group - the date of your last post to the group (if the last post is in the last 24 hours, then, the date is written i

Flickr Surf _____Flickr: - Flickr Hacks

adds a "Surf" link to the surf page (for example under the Slideshow link for the user photostream. In the surf page, it adds a Previous and Next to move by one photo and not 3 like the skip buttons is doing


Flickr PM_Steeev's Flickr Projects

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Flickr PM :links to a users Email, Favourites, and Profile Email List Checker: