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Spawn Libs

A media streaming video XBox360 and PS3 through internet


Rotate around any position

Describe how to rotate around any position

2D Rotated Rectangle Collision

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Good and simple article to explain how to detect 2D OOB's collision using Separating Axis Theorem


Simple and Fast Multimedia Library


Mesh Lab

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MeshLab is an open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes. It is a good tool to process meshes


Mesh Simplification Viewer

A open source mesh simplification viewer

NvTriStrip Library

A Tri-Strip lib which convert triangle to triangle strip

Engine + gameDev

Contains a list of game engine


A simple GUI library for OpenGL and DirectX

Mega System

CRM32Pro is an API built on top of SDL with everything you need to develop cross-platform 2D games: tiles, sprites, fonts, special effects, sound, music, timer, network, log system, video playback, XML parser, etc.

Insomniac Games: R&D

A website which setup by Insomniac talking about the PS3 R&D


A normal map tool


A free sound engine


A web site which contains a lots of art resource for video game

Scythe Physics Editor

A pretty cool Physics Editor for game development

Gentic 3D

An open source level editor

Scape Maker

A very good Terrain Generator

Aquatica Engine

An water rendering engine which used to render photo realistic water surface. It is only $15 for commercial liscense

Extremely Simple Capture API 2.1.

A simple video cam capture API. the website also contains a lot of useful source code.