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Duck Duck Go

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A Semantic Search Engine



PAL : Physics Abstraction Layer

An physics engine abstraction layer

Engine + gameDev

Contains a list of game engine

Mega System

CRM32Pro is an API built on top of SDL with everything you need to develop cross-platform 2D games: tiles, sprites, fonts, special effects, sound, music, timer, network, log system, video playback, XML parser, etc.


A free sound engine

Aquatica Engine

An water rendering engine which used to render photo realistic water surface. It is only $15 for commercial liscense

Cd3D Engine

Ca3D Engine is another 3D engine.

Arkham Development 3D Engine

Arkham 3D engine. Another 3D engine that written in OpenGL

Cadabra 3D Game Engine

Another homebrew game engine. Not bad!


Luxinia 3D Engine

Luxinia is a 3D engine written in C that uses OpenGL, Lua, GLFW and OpenAL.

NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis Engine. Another game engine. Seems have pretty cool development.

Real Matter Physics Engine

A physics Engine which focus on Soft body animation

Horde3D - Next Generation Graphics Engine

Another open soruce Next Generation Graphics Engine

C4 Engine

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Anoher $100 open source game engine which similiar to Torque Engine. Pretty impressive engine

The Nebula Device

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The leading Open Source 3D game and visualisation engine used in dozens of commercial games and professional visualisation applications released worldwide

Realm Crafter MMORPG Engine

The realm crafter engine allows you to design, create and publish your very own MMORPG game

Apocalyx Game Engine

APOCALYX is a 3D engine written in C++ that uses the OpenGL API, OpenAL, Lua and other open source libraries.

Bullet Physics Engine

Another physics engine which is free to use

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