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XML Editor Editix

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A pretty good and seem lightweight XML editor


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A free scene editor (Pretty cool)

Scythe Physics Editor

A pretty cool Physics Editor for game development

Gentic 3D

An open source level editor


World Machine

A node base terrain editor

Earth Sculptor

A really cool homemade tarrian editor


A 3D Model tool which specific for animation creation. It also contain SDK too.

Delgine 3D Tools

A very good 3d content editor and other game development resource

TerraEd Pro

It seems that it is another good terrain editor

3D Links - Landscape and Terrian Editor

Contains a lot of links for different terrain editor


Pnp-Terrain Creator

A good landscape/terrain creator.

A.L.E. - Advanced Landscape Editor

Advanced Landscape Editor - A landscape/terrian editor

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