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June 2007


A web site which contains a lots of art resource for video game

October 2006


A game developer Blog which contains a lot of link of different game development related articles

August 2006

Official Blitz WebSite Tool box link

The official Blitz website which contain a list of tool for game development. However, some of the link is not in english.

March 2006

Free Programming resources

Contains link for many free programming library

February 2006

Open Source Web Design - Browse Designs

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Contains a lot of web design from different designers

MeasureMap - Estadísticas Blog

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Similiar to webcounter which contains a lot of other features

bodytag - web programming explorations

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Contains a collection interesting Java Applet and other web technology

November 2005

GD.Net - Game Development Resource Library

Contains a lot of link to different game resources

September 2005

Download free icons : :

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Contains some free web site icon for download

NVidia Developer Website

Developer website for NVidia - Contains some hardware information about how DirectX interacts with the Video Card

Virtual Terrain Project

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Contains a lot of information about virtual terrain

Geo Community

A big community that contains US terrain information

GTOPO30 Global Topographics Data

Contain global terrain data within 30 arc

Terrain Visualization anf Flyby Animation

Contains software 3DEM that can convert many terrain data file to grey scale map

National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)

NGDC contains DEM terrain data for the whole earth and allow people to download

Free Games Programming Libraries and Source Code

Free Games Programming Libraries and Source Code - contains a lot of game programming source codes

Data Tables and Cascading Style Sheets Gallery

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Css and Data Table Gallery - Contains a lot of CSS data table design which allow the user choose and download

3D Links

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Contains a lot of information about 3D, includes 3D software, tutorials etc. Focus on Art side.

Digital Game Developer

Digital Game Developer - Game Developer Magazine. Focus on Art Work and Design Tools rather than programming.

August 2005


Japanese Web Resource Download - Contains some design template, buttons, icons for download

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