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December 2006

My own little DirectX FAQ

A blog which contains a list of DirectX FAQs. Very practical and useful.

October 2006

Gamefest 2006 content

A blog which contains a list of Gamefest 2006 presentation content

August 2006

An article talk about the differences between managed and unmanaged DirectX

An good article that explain the differences between the managed and unmanaged DirectX. Also provide example to show how to use it.

July 2006

DirectX 9 Profiling Information

Contains some profiling information about DirectX 9 and the information about how expensive of of each API calls

May 2006

An open source managed DirectX engine

An open soruce managed DIrectX engine. It will be a good exmaple to learn how to write an engine using DirectX

December 2005


Contains some detail information about the render state in DirectX

September 2005


Z-Buffer is a web site contains Managed DirectX Resources

August 2005

Craig's Direct3D Tutorials Index

Direct3D Tutorial - Good framework design to learn

Code Sampler

Contains a lot of code sample for games and graphics development

Game Tutorials .Com

Game Tutorials .Com - Contains some of the DX tutorials. But most of them cost money

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