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A open source free UPD game networking library

Alchemy API

An online tag generation API


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Another auto tag generation online API

Calais Tag generation Web API

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An online API which generate tag or meta data from text data


GNU ASpell

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Another open source spell check API

GPS C++ API Library

A open source GPS NAME standard API


Simple and Fast Multimedia Library


PAL : Physics Abstraction Layer

An physics engine abstraction layer

Engine + gameDev

Contains a list of game engine


A simple GUI library for OpenGL and DirectX

Enet Low level network library

This is a low level UDP control library, which seems to be easy to use.


NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis Engine. Another game engine. Seems have pretty cool development.

Object Oriented Input System

A Cross Platform open source input system

Real Matter Physics Engine

A physics Engine which focus on Soft body animation

Horde3D - Next Generation Graphics Engine

Another open soruce Next Generation Graphics Engine


An simple GUI interface API similiar to Crazy Eddie.

C4 Engine

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Anoher $100 open source game engine which similiar to Torque Engine. Pretty impressive engine

PopCap Developer FrameWork

An open source game development framework. Very Simple framework, it seems only suppot 2D only. It seems that engine mainly provide some UI drawing functionality and and app framework.