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April 2007

Aquatica Engine

An water rendering engine which used to render photo realistic water surface. It is only $15 for commercial liscense

March 2007

Simple Physics Engine

The "Simple Physics Engine", called SPE for short, is a new physics engine for games and virtual reality programs.

September 2006


A 3D Model tool which specific for animation creation. It also contain SDK too.

August 2006


An animation SDK and tool for character animation

June 2006

True Axis Physics SDK

Another Physics SDK for Game Development

Gp32 Developement SDK

Contains the SDK for a device caled GP32 and GP2X. An very interesting portable gaming device which is open for the Homebrew application. It is also quite powerful.

February 2006

Free Game Development Libraries

Contains a lot of link for game development SDK Tokamak Physics Engine Tutorials

Contains the tutorial of Tokamak Physicss Engine

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