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03 January 2006

Blogger post tagging update | Good service provider practices

2006-01-03 23:01

Blogger's CAPTCHA overuse

That's an awful shame; Blogger really ought to do better than that. You did click the link to prompt them to verify you? (I at least <i>think</i> I recall there was such a link somewhere around the message explaining the additional CAPTCHAs. Not 100% sure

Blogger Blogthis! Upgrade - Freshblog

We both did. Where the Google Reader people are Greasemonkey friendly and generally housebroken, the Blogger people certainly are not, randomly spray changing name and id attributes all over the place, always restructuring, rarely if ever reusing the same

Blogger's CAPTCHA overuse

They do, in the particular case when a blog author has the Blogger internal flag "likely splogger" set. But only then. Are you still not cleared from that suspicion, Jasper? I had it for a few days at most, before being cleared by some anonymous Blogger r

02 January 2006

Backing up your Blogger blogs

Indeed, it only lists the latest 100 posts, and this post (counting a few uncompleted drafts) is number 101, just pushing my first post off the page.<br><br>Still, it is a somewhat useful default strategy for doing incremental post backups.

25 December 2005

BlogThis! with my updated post tagger helper

Not yet, no, unless <a href="">a rather technical hint</a> counts. A post on it will most likely appear eventually, though.

23 December 2005

Another Comment Feed Hack - Freshblog

It's unfortunate that this method does not differentiate between multiple blogs authored by the same author. My own such feed, should I have one, would be plagued by commentary in Swedish besides the English for ecmanaut, and on <i>vastly</i> different su

20 December 2005

Template upgrades

The reason for javascript to handle backlinks is that this is how Blogger adds the backlinks to blogs; it's not template tags rendered server side but actually template tags that get parsed client side, inject one script tag per post having backlinks and

12 December 2005

Inline Comments Hack - Freshblog

Rather clever idea, using the comment URL field to add photos to common posters. I think I might eventually adopt something similar myself; the Blogger profile hack with iframes I use at the moment is kind of ugly.

11 December 2005

Comment Notification Added

Nice hack. I'd suggest using an onclick handler and keeping the href attribute for browsers with javascript turned off, though.

08 December 2005

05 December 2005

Greasemonkey Method: Update for Firefox 1.5 and Greasemonkey 0.6.4 - Freshblog

Excellent and to-the-point summary! I think I'll write a small follow-up on <a href="" >how to style the tags list to get nice little icons</a> the way

03 December 2005

01 December 2005

Blogger categorizer script

<i>I had no problems with this script using Firefox 1.5rc3 and Greasemonkey 0.6.3, but it does not work for me using final 1.5 and Greasemonkey 0.6.4.</i><br><br>I have not run this for some time, after having moved on to the <a href="

30 November 2005

Tags, Categories, Technorati

I don't believe Blogger executes any PHP code in Blogger templates, though; you're pretty much limited to javascript, and to get that to work with an RSS feed, the feed needs to be fetched from the same domain as the blog itself.

29 November 2005

TagCloud - Home

Tag clouds for some of my blogs.

Adding calendar navigation to your Blogger template

How annoying. For some reason, the calendar project I picked to work off has really bad, old and outdated language files for non-English languages; the Swedish language file was just as bad before I fixed mine.<br><br>If you take your trouble to edit it t