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January 2006

blogmarks for 2006-01-03

Nice picks. Might I suggest adding these styles to your template CSS section, to make the page more readable? <b>.blogmarks-link img { margin:0px 0 1em 1em; }<br>.blogmarks-entry { clear:both; }</b>

ecmanaut: Styling your blog post tags list with CSS

I did it <a href="">like this</a>. I'm not going to go into any detail about tweaking that, though, or adopting it for other templates.

December 2005

RSS Buttons and Lunch Meat - Freshblog

Nice start! I especially liked the combination with the FeedBurner readership counter. A bit of styling to adjust the text baseline to fit the icon, and it will look great.

According to USC Trojan: Tagging with Firefox 1.5 now working (almost)

There was a tip about that in previos comments on the post. Your template needs explicit padding directives to fix that.

Blogger categorizer script

As it happens (and you also seem to have noticed), I later wrote up a separate article on <a href="" rel="nofollow">styling the tags list with CSS</a>.

Styling your blog post tags list with CSS

We had better explicitly specify a suitable left padding too, which is what <i>actually</i> reserves the room for the background there. Thanks for the heads up; my own template already had that bit built-in.

Greasemonkey Method: Update for Firefox 1.5 and Greasemonkey 0.6.4 - Freshblog

Excellent and to-the-point summary! I think I'll write a small follow-up on <a href="" >how to style the tags list to get nice little icons</a> the way

November 2005

Browservulsel: Using CSS to display accesskeys

Nifty; thanks for passing on the tip; I didn't know about attr(), either.

October 2005

Making a "Loading..." page for Flash content using CSS and XHTML

Basic. Short. Standards compliant. Fault tolerant.

October 2004

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