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December 2005

Template upgrades

While I haven't dug up your code to look at it in its own environment, I believe it might be a bit difficult to help get that working the way you want it to, if Jasper's link in the post above and appropriate application of <ItemPage> (and the other

Template fixes for Some Assembly Required

Excellent idea, and feel very free to cut'n'paste together a version of it based on your own blog and mail it to me? Chances are I'll be very slow on upgrades the time just ahead of us (I'm going to visit my girlfriend in the other end of the country for

BlogThis! with my updated post tagger helper

Not yet, no, unless <a href="">a rather technical hint</a> counts. A post on it will most likely appear eventually, though.

Template fixes for Some Assembly Required

Now that you mention it, I notice I didn't quite implement it to specs, even though I thought I did; Blogger holds both homepage and profile links among the template tags and I didn't notice picking the wrong one. Whether it might have become better or wo

November 2005

October 2005

The AFL Player Spectator: Cat-Fighting in Geelong

Nice blogger template inspiration -- decent post category view

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