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January 2006

» Amazon’s Price Drop Policy by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

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Amazon refunds for price drops within 30 days of purchase.

December 2005

Greasemonkey tip: running your handler before the page handler

2005-12-22, 01:28

ecmanaut: Permalinks and their applications

Time zones at play; the perception of what date it is is different in UTC-6 hours time zone where the server that runs your PHP code is located to where you and I are where our point of time reference is presently UTC+1 hours.<br><br>This is also why the

November 2005

Google Desktop Sidebar Plug-In Creation Using Scripts

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How to make Google Desktop plugins in pure javascript.

October 2005

ajax from file:/// urls?

A good thing for "offline" testing/development of AJAX applications.

Mousewheel scrolling event in Mozilla

Catching the mousewheel DOMMouseScroll event

Ajax: Tackle the Refresh Button by Eric Pascarello

Resolutions to making the refresh button not break AJAX applications.

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