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Litmus: Painlessly test your email and website designs

by nhoizey & 9 others
Litmus shows you precisely how your designs will be seen by your customers. We deliver screenshots of your web sites and email newsletters in seconds across all popular platforms.


HedgerWow's Blog - Simulating text-overflow on Firefox with unobtrusive Javascript.

by ecmanaut
Wow; good work! Could you elaborate a bit on the involvement of mouse events in this solution; I find it somewhat puzzling and quizzical.

Automate double password confirmation typing by means of Greasemonkey

by ecmanaut
I actually think it's both simpler, more robust and elegant to propagate the same event we got to the other form field -- that way, we don't have to figure out what the received keypress was supposed to <i>do</i> with the field, and emulate the same behav

Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla

by nhoizey & 13 others (via)
Ever have trouble getting your Internet Explorer-specific Web applications to work with Mozilla? This article covers common issues associated with migrating applications to the open source Mozilla-based browser. You'll first learn basic cross-browser development techniques, and then develop strategies for overcoming the differences between Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

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