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22 December 2005

Central hosting of all javascript libraries

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2005-12-22 14:45

21 December 2005

request for the CDN's

The idea might not be as doomed as you think, though any XMLHttpRequest talking between clients and this hosting provider would with the present javascript security model be out of the question.<br><br>Fetching code from remote locations is still very pos

01 December 2005

30 November 2005

How to make XmlHttpRequest calls to another server in your domain

While this approach does seem to at least partially work in current mozillas (I just tested on Mozilla 1.5, windows), it's far from stable.<br><br>Your bridge solution, on named setup, recursively creates new frames for every new call (which has the poten

The Same Origin Policy

The same origin policy prevents document or script loaded from one origin from getting or setting properties of a document from a different origin. The policy dates from Netscape Navigator 2.0. This today also applies to XMLHttpRequest, and this page des

16 November 2005

Comment Blogging

Like mackinaw above, I too find I have started to add topic tags to comments I post, besides the "mandated" <i>mycomments</i> tag slapped on to all my own comments on external blogs. The "mycomments" tag holds the semantical meaning of tying in the Del.ic

10 November 2005

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