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16 December 2005

08 December 2005

05 December 2005

01 December 2005

29 November 2005

Tag Passing: The Story So Far - Freshblog

Greg, your ideas are much too good to be hidden buried in the deep web like this, in some un-RSS-tracked comment somewhere, with just barely a permanent URI. (John might happen to update his template to use the Blogger standard comment URI permalinks <b>#

28 November 2005

19 November 2005

Google Print in Book Burro 0.17, and future library plans

Outbound links from these sites would be more interesting than inbound, I believe; both of these seem to be more aggregator sites than stores in their own right. I am still undecided about how to handle such sites in Book Burro; what information would you

18 November 2005

16 November 2005

15 November 2005