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I believe you might want to widen the scope of the question a bit, too -- while you might be able to get read access to nodes prior to a completed page load, write access support varies among browsers. Mozilla has no problem with inlined scripts doing, fo

31 December 2005

Optimization of Accessing JavaScript Object

Your published results would be more valuable if you published anything about the test domain (i e what browser make(s) and version(s)) and methods you have used, to come to these conclusions.

28 December 2005

Panoramio » Blog Archive » It can’t be so hard…

Your work has lots of merit, and the automated leak detection is certainly another dazzling prospect. Thanks for the ecmascript hint; while I would not likely write that kind of code myself, it's a useful bit of knowledge to possess.<br><br>And happy holi

Panoramio » Blog Archive » It can’t be so hard…

It certainly does, and with lots of eager anticipation of any other bits or pieces to come out of either project.<br><br>I would have lots of use for a tool to do just custom formatting of code (and am a bit too lazy to hack any of the C parsers on offer

27 December 2005

Panoramio » Blog Archive » Javascript compressor

Oh, lookie; there <i>is</i> a comments feed; hooray! :-D *subscribes*<br><br>(I sloppily missed it earlier as there was no autodetect code in place for it.)<br><br>I've been poring through and tweaking the Google Maps code numerous times too, but it has a

Panoramio » Blog Archive » It can’t be so hard…

gzip(1) is the best javascript compressor available, putting the HTTP standardized, content preserving, Content-Encoding:gzip functionality to excellent use. If it <i>is</i> compression you're after, anyway, that is the best route to go. Innerjoin has a n

21 December 2005

Greasemonkey tip: running your handler before the page handler

2005-12-22, 01:28

17 December 2005

16 December 2005

TLabel: A Google Maps Extension

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Nicer Google Maps info fields than the Google default popups.

Widget : Javascript Console

Hedger Wang's take on making a webside javascript console for debugging (with separate Error, Warning and Notification message classes tracking). Has its own API. Seems rather cruft free, at least on the surface.

12 December 2005

HedgerWow's Blog - Simulating text-overflow on Firefox with unobtrusive Javascript.

Wow; good work! Could you elaborate a bit on the involvement of mouse events in this solution; I find it somewhat puzzling and quizzical.

HedgerWow's Blog - Initialization in Javascript

The onload handler handles some things that the crude case of the other two do not, perhaps most importantly guaranteeing that the entire document has been loaded and parsed (so, for instance, entities such as document.body is available in most browsers)

08 December 2005

05 December 2005

02 December 2005

MochiKit regexp visualizer

Ah, I didn't remember the provisions for paren match locations were as bad as they are, and for solving the generic case with some guarantee on upper bound execution time I might be prepared to agree.<br><br>I might try a solution that will in practice of

Magic JSON feeds

Using Google Base practically for this kind of application is still far off, though I believe it might eventually outdo, which still is the better platform -- no 15 to 60 minute latency per post, an exposed API which is available by JSON feed,

30 November 2005

Tags, Categories, Technorati

I don't believe Blogger executes any PHP code in Blogger templates, though; you're pretty much limited to javascript, and to get that to work with an RSS feed, the feed needs to be fetched from the same domain as the blog itself.

How to make XmlHttpRequest calls to another server in your domain

While this approach does seem to at least partially work in current mozillas (I just tested on Mozilla 1.5, windows), it's far from stable.<br><br>Your bridge solution, on named setup, recursively creates new frames for every new call (which has the poten

The Same Origin Policy

The same origin policy prevents document or script loaded from one origin from getting or setting properties of a document from a different origin. The policy dates from Netscape Navigator 2.0. This today also applies to XMLHttpRequest, and this page des

29 November 2005

Panoramio » Blog Archive » Javascript compressor

Am I the only one around who thinks option <b>2</b> is the <i>only</i> good choice of the above? Options 3 onward don't primarily address the speed problem, they put an end to the openness and reusability feature that makes the web such a good place to be

25 November 2005

Google Desktop Sidebar Plug-In Creation Using Scripts

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How to make Google Desktop plugins in pure javascript.

Ajaxian: Getters and Setters in JavaScript

This may come out a bit harsh, due in part to the late hour. I always find it a bit unfortunate when influential blogs mention powerful concepts like these, though, without a context of when or how they can be put to good use, rather than making code hard

23 November 2005

Browservulsel: Blogger backlinks the custom way

How simple and robust it became if one didn't bother with the custom foldable bits Blogger offer for folding and unfolding the backlinks, which I took to doing of my own with what little Blogger offers in scripted provisions for that. I really ought to st

Category Integration Between Sites - Freshblog

Love your work, Greg, and thanks for the beautiful tutorial; it's a very comfy way into the match indeed. One feature request: <a href="" rel="nofollow">add an unescape() of the