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March 2007

New Blogger 備忘

by YukuanBlog
這幾天終於決定好好研究一下,費了三天才把這個 Blog 從舊 Blogger 那,移植到新的 Blogger Beta 。

October 2006

我該如何在不同的帳戶之間搬移 blog?

by YukuanMark
首先,假設您的帳戶叫做 BloggerUno 和 BloggerDos。 在 BloggerUno 帳戶中您擁有兩個 blog,而在 BloggerDos 中則有一個叫做「我愛 Blogger」的 blog。 下列步驟會告訴您如何將 BloggerDos 中的單一 blog 搬移至 B

January 2006

Social Bookmarking Links for your Post Footer - Freshblog

by YukuanMark
In another post-footer makeover, I have added Simpy, Blinklist, Digg and (rather optimistically, I thought) Slashdot to your list of bookmarking options, which still includes and Furl. Now you can bookmark Freshblog posts on any of those servi

美味的 tagrolls

by YukuanBlog & 1 other
之前發現 有提供 linkrolls 的服務,現在已經被我整合到 News Berry 的 SideBar 裡了。剛剛逛 的 Help 時,發現它右下角有一個 Blog Integration 的分類,裡面有個叫做 Tag rolls 的東西,對於 tag 的愛用者來說,這是一定要試試的,以下是我的 tagrolls:

Categorize for Blogger

by YukuanBlog & 1 other
用 Blogger 來寫網誌的好處是自由,可以自訂格式,可以一個帳號管理多個 blogs 。缺點是很多東西都要捲起袖子來自己動手作,別家有提供的一些基本的東東,例如網誌分類(Categorize)等,Blogger 都繳了白卷。

Guest Book, and then?

by YukuanBlog
這兩天陸續補充 Blogger 的不足,捲起袖子來為它妝點門面:為每篇文章加了引用(Trackbacks)的 link ;在 sidebar 的下方加了一個酷酷的圖,叫做 ClustrMaps ;添增了訪客簽名簿(Guest Book)方便訪客簽名留言、說些悄悄話。

A Consuming Experience: How to include categories for your blog (manual, expand-collapse)

by YukuanMark
This post explains how to include expand/collapse or show/hide categories (and even sub-categories) in your blog, i.e. listings of your old posts classified under topic or subtopic, as you can see in my sidebar (the "Posts from this blog on" section). It

Greasemonkey Script updated to work with BlogThis! - Freshblog

by YukuanMark
Many thanks to Johan, who has revised his excellent Greasemonkey Tagging Script to interface with the new Blogger Blogthis! It sounds like it was abig deal because blogger shook things up in the back room when they redid the tool.

Blogger Blogthis! Upgrade - Freshblog

by YukuanMark
Looks like Blogthis! got an upgrade? I almost fell off my chair tonight when I was presented with a full range of rich-text editing options and an interface that looks & feels very much like being logged into your regular account. Pretty slick!!

Backing up your Blogger blogs

by YukuanMark & 1 other
n response to a question from Hans Persson today on how to back up all of one's Blogger blog posts, I did some quick research into the topic, after recalling something I had seen about the Blogger Atom API.

Blog Design Trends — cre8d design blog

by YukuanMark & 2 others
Here’s a summary of some of the common blog design trends out there right now which may give you some inspiration:

東拉西扯:我希望在2006年看到的新應用 - 對牛亂彈琴 | Playin' with IT

by YukuanMark & 2 others

Time to check: Are you using the right blogging tool?

by YukuanMark & 10 others
Blogs are one of the hottest publishing tools around, but picking blog software can be confusing and frustrating. Use this primer to get a feel for what's available and what will work best for you.

Blog software comparison chart

by YukuanMark & 24 others
This chart compares the most popular blog software. It is helpful when you can't decide which blog service you want to use. All the information is in a simple chart. Everyone should check it out before registering for a blog.

December 2005

WordPress 升級至 2.0

by YukuanMark
這一版的新功能,可看官方說法 Changelog 2.0,或是洋洋灑灑的 「What’s New in WordPress 2.0?」 一文。如果懶得看這麼多英文,可參考 zonble 寫的〈WordPress 2.0 beta 1 中文語系檔〉,此外在 gslin 的〈WordP


by YukuanMark
在Blog上放個小時鐘,除了讓瀏覽者方便知道現在時間之外,也能給人一種『存在感』,增加Blog的生氣。這是由日本的【豚】 ボンジュール,一家動態CG設計公司所提供的,該怎麼放上去呢?

Another Comment Feed Hack - Freshblog

by YukuanMark
If you are using, go to Settings - Comments - and type your rss open email address in the field called "Comment Notification Address". Or create a google group for the purpose and add email address. Each public

Tag Adder Bug Knocked Out - Freshblog

by YukuanMark (via)
Jasper reports that he's modified the Browservulsel tag-adder script so that it will now paste tags into the compose side of the window as well as the edit posts side. Awesome. The longer we go, the more integrated the tools get. Spectacular.

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