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GitHub - 84Paris/canvasvideo.js: canvasvideo.js is a lightweight library to play inline video with sound on iPhone.

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canvasvideo.js is a lightweight library to play video file in a canvas element with audio support. This is the best way to play inline video with sound on iPhone.

Visual Design - Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

Apple TV apps are fully immersive apps with unique design and user experience considerations. These principles help you design an app that reflects your brand and intentions while making a personal connection with people.

tvOS (Apple TV) UI Kit Sketch freebie - Download free resource for Sketch - Sketch App Sources

A free UI Kit / starter kit for tvOS design following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. You'll need San Fransisco, Apple's font of choice for everything on the Apple TV:

Migrating to Apple TV: The Basics — BPXL Craft — Medium

There is a TON of stuff to say about the new Apple TV release. If you want to skip to the concrete details, jump down to “The Basics” below.



NetNewsWire 4 is the best way to keep up with the sites and authors you read most regularly. Let NetNewsWire pull down the latest articles, and read them in a distraction-free and Mac-like way.

4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer | Co.Design | business + design

Apple is synonymous with upper echelon design, but very little is known about the company's design process. Most of Apple’s own employees aren’t allowed inside Apple’s fabled design studios. So we’re left piecing together interviews, or outright speculating about how Apple does it and what it’s really like to be a designer at the company.


PortKit: UX Metaphor Equivalents for iOS & Android

PortKit shows you each Cocoa UI Element in iOS 6 and its Android 4 widget version, side by side, so you can compare them easily and find the correct equivalent when porting an app. We’ve provided links to the development pages on their respective websites too.


La vie de Steve Jobs - Manga - Editions Tonkam

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1965. Steven Paul Jobs a tout juste dix ans. C’est un enfant farceur, intelligent et déjà passionné d’électronique. Il rencontre au lycée un autre Steve, Steve Wozniak, lui aussi passionné. En lisant un article du magazine Esquire, ils apprennent comment fabriquer un appareil permettant de passer gratuitement des appels longue distance en fraudant les compagnies téléphoniques. Les deux amis décident d’en produire et de les vendre 150 dollars dans leur lycée. C’est le début de la marque à la pomme qui s'étendra sur toute la surface du globe.

No, Apple doesn't own the mobile "page turn" - CBS News

(MoneyWatch) Yet another technology pundit has lauded Apple (AAPL) for patenting a widely used feature in mobile devices that ostensibly will let the consumer electronics giant pound tablet and smartphone rivals into submission. Looking at a recent design patent awarded to Apple, the New York Times' Nick Bilton declares that the company "now owns the page turn." The "turn" is the animation that makes it look as though you're turning a physical page when reading an e-book or some other electronic document.

Apple Now Owns the Page Turn -

If you want to know just how broken the patent system is, just look at patent D670,713, filed by Apple and approved this week by the United States Patent Office. This design patent, titled, “Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface,” gives Apple the exclusive rights to the page turn in an e-reader application. Yes, that’s right. Apple now owns the page turn. You know, as when you turn a page with your hand. An “interface” that has been around for hundreds of years in physical form. I swear I’ve seen similar animation in Disney or Warner Brothers cartoons.

iPhone 5 website teardown: How Apple compresses video using JPEG, JSON, and <canvas>

Every new Apple web presence does new things using the web platform.

Get ready for the future of TV, in which your living room becomes a movie set, a communication hub and a gaming zone

One delicious anecdote from the recent biography Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, involved the Apple founder’s decorating problem: It took the Jobs family eight years to buy a sofa. “We spent a lot of time asking ourselves, What is the purpose of a sofa?” Jobs’ wife told the biographer. To Jobs, the choice about which sofa to buy and where to place it in the home could not be made without a full understanding of exactly what role the object should play in their lives.



Alarms, Reeder

Les 3 "bruits" du MacBook Pro - Forums MacBidouille

D'aprés les forums d'apple sur le MacBook Pro, de nombreuses personnes se sont plains du bruit de cette merveilleuse machine ... Il y a apparement 3 differents sons

YouTube - 140749182 Macbook Pro Sound Defect (15" mid 09 unibody)

Laptop makes a high pitch squeal whenever opening up certain applications and typically lasts about 30 seconds. In this example I have my speakers muted and when I click on the ichat icon and immediately after it loads, the squeal starts.

Conde Nast to use Adobe Publishing Tools for Tablets | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD

Here’s a win for Adobe, which could use one: Condé Nast, which has been testing the software company’s tablet publishing tool against a homegrown version, is going to use Adobe’s offering instead.

50 Inspiring, Awesome & Stylish Mac Setups | Mac.AppStorm

We spend an awful lot of time discussing applications and software on Mac.AppStorm, and today we wanted to take a slight departure to investigate a few physical Mac setups. After all, you need a relaxing and inspiring environment in which to use your computer!

Hands On: 17″ i7 MacBook Pro | Cult of Mac

After one of the longest waits in the Intel era, the MacBook Pros were updated Tuesday complete with a migration to the new Intel i5 and i7 architecture. In addition to the CPU update these new top-end notebooks feature better battery life, and the ability to switch from integrated to high performance graphics on the fly. We here at the Cult managed to get our hands on one of the top-dog 17 inch i7 models on Wednesday have have been putting it though it’s paces.

The Flash Blog » Apple Slaps Developers In The Face

Adobe and Apple has had a long relationship and each has helped the other get where they are today. The fact that Apple would make such a hostile and despicable move like this clearly shows the difference between our two companies

LukeW | New Multi-touch Interactions on the Apple iPad

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During Apple's 90 minute unveiling of the iPad this week, a lot of new multi-touch interactions were shown off. But they went by fast. So as a service to digital product designers everywhere, we took the time to extract 8 minutes of new user interface demos from the iPad keynote. Now you can quickly just catch the UI in action on Apple's new native iPad and iWork applications.

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