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[MAJ] Qu’est ce qu’une photo à l’ère du numérique et du téléphone mobile ? « MOBACTU / by @laurenceallard

by sbrothier & 1 other
Dans la foulée et en complément de l’émission Place de la toile du 28 septembre 2013 consacrée à la « photographie à l’ère numérique » à laquelle j’ai eu le plaisir d’être conviée par Xavier de la Porte, Alexandre Jubelin et Thibault Henneton aux côtés d’André Gunthert et de Jean Christophe Bechet, voici quelques réflexions issues de données ethnographiques récentes mettant en avant la vie matérielle et sociale du digital -au double sens anglo-saxon et français du terme car car avec le développement des interfaces tactiles sur les mobiles mais aussi sur les écrans d’ordinateur et les tablettes, les pratiques numériques sont de plus en plus incarnées et sous la main. Ces hypothèses font l’objet approfondi également d’un article à paraître en février 2014 aux éditions Armand Colin dans l’ouvrage collectif Téléphone Mobile et Création, sous la direction de Roger Odin, Laurent Creton et Laurence Allard. A la question liminaire de l’émission, qu’est ce qu’une photo à l’ère numérique et de la connexion généralisée, nous répondrons : « une image-texte prise 8 fois par jour avec mobile sur le mode psychique je vois/j’envoie. »

Études photographiques

by sbrothier & 1 other
Éditée par la Société française de photographie depuis 1996, Études photographiques est la revue francophone de référence en matière d'études visuelles, qui témoigne de l'état le plus récent de la recherche.

La photo à l'ère du numérique

by sbrothier (via)
Comme de tradition dans « Place de la toile », quand il y a un stagiaire, il ou elle a charge de la préparation d’une émission, et avant tout du choix d’un sujet. Alexandre Jubelin est avec nous depuis début septembre, et son choix a penché vers la photo. Nous allons donc nous demander si le numérique change quelque chose à la manière dont on prend des photos, dans des termes techniques ou esthétiques, et puis s’il change les raisons pour lesquelles on prend des photos.

Bout turns social photography into a sport | Kill Screen

by sbrothier
You play by starting a photo challenge – you can write your own, or select from currently available gems along the lines of “animal you most look like” or “something you shouldn’t drink” or “best Spiderman”. You share that “bout” with your friends, who then presumably rise to the challenge and take a photo that best/most awesomely represents that statement. 

AH Home

by sbrothier
Bout, a social photo-taking game for iOS, was built in collaboration with leading comedy site CollegeHumor. Bout pits players’ skills and cleverness against their friends’ for the chance to win in-game coins and earn bragging rights. Players race to submit the most creative pictures in response to fun prompts, resulting in an endless stream of amazing, funny photos.

10 Video Games About Photography - Bokeh by DigitalRev

by sbrothier
There were a surprising number of games throughout the past few decades that featured friendly shutterbugs, so we made the tough decision to choose our 10 favourites.

8 Video Games that Feature Photography

by sbrothier
Photography has had a relatively quiet but constant presence in video games over the last two decades, usually featured in video game titles as a mini-game or bonus mode. A few incorporate photography into the main storyline.

Virtual Light: Exploring In-Game Photography And Photo History | Kill Screen

by sbrothier
If you are anything like me, you had friends who linked Rainer’s “The Art of in-game Photography.” If you are anything like me, you saw many of your friends duke it out on Facebook and Twitter over whether or not this was a legitimate art — whether it was even photography.


by sbrothier
There’s a small but vibrant cottage industry of Muslim women writing romance novels, littattafan soyayya, in Northern Nigeria, a region best known for the acts of terrorist group Boko Haram. The writers face off with Islamic censors, and they sell their books in some of the same markets targeted by Boko Haram suicide bombers.  The books are about love and marriage. Some are subversive and speak out against human trafficking and child marriage, while others are submissive, advising women on how best to please their husbands, offering fantasies of escape, and tales of the poor girl marrying the rich man.   Guided by the themes of these novels, “Diagram of the Heart” explores romance, tradition, love and loss in the lives of women in Northern Nigeria.    "Diagram of the Heart" will be released as a photo book on February 11, 2016, published by Red Hook Editions. You can pre-order a copy now and read more about it here.                       

Henry Carroll - Books

by sbrothier
The second book in the 'Read This' series is specifically about photographing people.  Split into seven sections - Composition, Context, The Gaze, Control, The Street, Black and White or Colour and The Psychology of Light -  this book covers all aspects of photographing people. Photographers include Richard Avedon, Cindy Sherman, Zed Nelson, Robert Bergman, Roger Ballen, Duane Michals, William Eggleston, Jeff Wall, Richard Renaldi, August Sander, Garry Winogrand and others. Available in all your favourite languages, as long as that's either English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Portuguese or Spanish.

Sex Dolls -

by sbrothier
Photographed sex dolls at RealDoll in San Marcos, California, where artists and other skilled craftsman make these custom $6500 products. Thanks to the kind and professional staff there!


by sbrothier
Simply put, CSSgram is a library for editing your images with Instagram-like filters directly in CSS. What we're doing here is adding filters to the images as well as applying color and/or gradient overlays via various blending techniques to mimic these effects.


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