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Can the internet make TV less boring? | The Verge

by sbrothier (via)
On a warm night in New York last week, advertisers and content producers huddled together into a huge white tent beside the Metropolitan Opera House to watch Yahoo unveil its first TV-length original web series. Purple lights and plastic champagne flutes were everywhere, and everyone in attendance seemed to know that Yahoo's event on Monday, along with about a dozen others that would occur that week, was part of the start of something huge. Yahoo was there to cap off the first night of the annual NewFronts, a series of casually linked events where new media companies attempt to woo advertisers and producers with their platforms and shows — and critically, do so just weeks before traditional TV networks host similar events of their own.

What Television Will Look Like in 2025, According to Netflix | Business | WIRED

by sbrothier
In the future, Netflix will know exactly what you want to watch, even before you do. You won’t have to spend all that time browsing through endless lists of shows on your television.

Arte und BR zeigen einen Tag lang Doku "24 h Jerusalem" - SPIEGEL ONLINE

by sbrothier & 1 other
Diesen Samstag sollten Sie vor dem Fernseher verbringen, denn dann zeigen Arte und der BR die Mammut-Doku "24 h Jerusalem", ein eindringliches Porträt der umkämpften Stadt - das genau wegen dieser Kämpfe fast nicht zustande gekommen wäre.

24h Jérusalem : "Vine", vedi, vici pour Arte ? - -

by sbrothier & 1 other
Samedi 12 avril, Arte lancera 24h Jérusalem, programme ambitieux qui permet, entre autres, au spectateur de contribuer au programme en envoyant des Vines par le biais de #24hjerusalem. Nous avons précédemment vu certaines stratégies Social TV affiliées au réseau Vine, et cette nouvelle expérience promet d’être pour le moins intéressante car s’appliquant cette fois non à de la fiction mais bel et bien à un projet documentaire.

Let’s face it: social TV is dead — Tech News and Analysis

by gregg
As the second-screen space is consolidating, it’s time to face reality and admit that social TV is dead, and much of it was a bad idea to begin with


Le bloc notes de Arzhur: Futur by Stark : écriture transmédia

by sbrothier & 2 others
Le documentaire Futur by Stark, produit par Elephant doc, Ubik, Arte France, et diffusé ce mardi 4 juin 2013 sur Arte, proposait une écriture spécifique sur différents écrans simultanément et en différé. Un beau projet très probant.

Tune in with Twitter TV - Brian Solis

by sbrothier (via)
Have you ever watched TV while using a laptop, smart phone, or tablet? Wait, why am I asking. Of course you have. That’s what we all do now right? So I guess the real question to ask is how often do you use Twitter vs. Facebook while watching TV? In many ways, Twitter is becoming a bona fide second screen experience while watching television. And in many ways, TV may also serve as the second screen to those engrossed in their Twitter streams. If you think about it, the idea that the TV becomes the second screen to digital experiences is rather provocative. Perhaps this is why Twitter is making some notable moves in the television analytics market recently.

Social TV : M6 vous propose de choisir la fin d'un épisode d'Hawaii 5-0

by srcmax
L'expérience second écran n'est pas une nouveauté pour le groupe M6. Ce qui l'est nettement plus c'est de modifier le programme en fonction des votes des téléspectateurs. Cela se passera samedi !

Darewin Agency

by gregg
Social TV agency. Building engaging and long lasting experience around entertaining content. Before, during and after airtime.

GRAVIDI - it pulls you in | Interactive Video Platform

by gregg
GRAVIDI is an interactive video platform that connects the videos you love to all the things you already do online.

Des applications et des services pour marier télé et tablette

by sbrothier
La création du département "Nouvelles écritures" au sein du groupe public en août 2011 a clairement imprimé le rythme aux équipes de production. Des pages Facebook dédiées aux émissions, en passant par des applications tablettes et smartphones d'information en temps réel (FTV Info) ou de télévision de rattrapage (Francetv Pluzz), avec guide TV, direct et personnalisation, tous les secteurs sont abordés. France 5, quelques mois après le lancement de son application Zouzous destinée aux enfants, va bientôt proposer un nouveau service sur iPad rattaché à l'émission "C à vous", afin de mixer social TV et télé connectée, de façon immersive et synchronisée (par marquage sonore) en direct avec l'émission diffusée à l'antenne. Les espaces cuisine, séjour ou salle à manger du loft d'Allessandra Sublet permettront de retrouver les éléments diffusés et d'interagir avec les chroniqueurs et les invités.

« Devant ma TV » : on a testé l'expérience second écran de M6 - Page 1 - PC INpact

by sbrothier
Depuis quelques mois, les chaînes de TV ont décidé de se lancer dans les expériences de second écran. Un concept que nous avions approché lors de l'arrivée des nouvelles chaînes de la TNT, mais qui se renforce avec des applications de plus en plus complètes. Désormais, vous pouvez regarder, commenter mais aussi interagir avec le programme. Une belle promesse qui pourrait cacher des choses intéressantes... ou pas. Nous avons décidé de faire le point en commençant par « Devant ma TV » de M6, exploité pendant l'émission « J'ai décidé d'être heureux ».

Red Bull X Shazam | Collaboration

by sbrothier
Pendant la diffusion du programme, ces derniers devaient utiliser leur appli au moment où le logo Shazam apparaissait à l’écran. Ainsi, ils pouvaient, en simultané, apprécier le ride de snowboard sur leur TV et suivre en camera embarquée la descente du rider sur leur mobile.

About SyncNow | Civolution SyncNow

by sbrothier
Civolution’s SyncNow product offering provides a robust and cost efficient content identification platform which can power a wide range of TV companion services. These applications can include advertisement placement and replacement, live voting, polling, social media opt-ins, content-related (clickable) overlays, etc. SyncNow can use fingerprinting and watermarking technologies for accurate and rapid synchronization of interactive content. SyncNow reference fingerprint databases includ



by gregg
GetGlue's vision is to create a deeply personalized, social and connected experience around television, movies and sports.

Can Breaking Bad’s Story Sync get viewers to give up their DVRs? — Online Video News

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
All summer, AMC has been pushing its Story Sync real-time viewing experience for Breaking Bad like it’s 99% pure crystal — but does a second screen subtract from one’s enjoyment of television’s most meth-y drama? This reporter boldly investigates.

Multiscreen Patterns | precious, strategic design & visual language

by sbrothier (via)
During the last years, our design studio has been involved in many different projects – from designing mainly websites and desktop software in our early days, to smartphone apps, prototypes for TV interfaces and more recently, applications for tablet devices. Working for all those devices was interesting and challenging. Not just because of the diverse screen sizes and input methods, but because we learned in our user research how different the contexts are in which these gadgets are used.

Season 5 Episode 1

by gregg
Realtime content and discussion during the show each week

Designing for Context: The Multiscreen Ecosystem | UX Magazine

by sbrothier & 2 others
To create applications and systems that are easy to use, it is crucial to understand the user and the context in which the app will be used. Understanding the context helps design systems that anticipate use cases at a relevant time of use. The more unobtrusive and transparent the experience is at the time of use, the better the design. This means the user does not have to think about the device he is using, changes in the environment, or changes in context, and can rely on great functionality and ease of use independent of his situation.

How Will We Interact With an Apple Television? | Mac.AppStorm

by sbrothier
“I finally cracked it,” Steve Jobs famously said to biographer Walter Isaacson in reference to an Apple-made television set. The elegant set-top box known as the Apple TV has been labeled as a hobby since its conception, and many are guessing that a full-fledged television by Apple would finally elevate their endeavors in television from this hobby status.

Get ready for the future of TV, in which your living room becomes a movie set, a communication hub and a gaming zone

by sbrothier
One delicious anecdote from the recent biography Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, involved the Apple founder’s decorating problem: It took the Jobs family eight years to buy a sofa. “We spent a lot of time asking ourselves, What is the purpose of a sofa?” Jobs’ wife told the biographer. To Jobs, the choice about which sofa to buy and where to place it in the home could not be made without a full understanding of exactly what role the object should play in their lives.

Team Coco To Go @

by sbrothier
Are you Team Coco? Sure you are. So check out your mobile options for keeping up with the latest from Conan O’Brien & crew. It’s like having a teeny-tiny late-night talk show with you at all times — in a sexy techno-gizmo that vibrates!

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