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Ubuntu Rolling HWE Kernel

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Leann Ogasawara has announced that the next point upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 will arrive in January of 2017.

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by sylvainulg (via)
A Nintendo Entertainment System simulator coded in pure VHDL

March 2016

Carte des reconditionneurs - Ordi-Linux

by NiMe
Reconditionnement d'ordinateurs sous linux

January 2016

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popSLATE | The Second Screen for Your iPhone

by sbrothier
Access what’s important to you, without having to unlock your phone. By using a super low-power ePaper screen, instead of your power-hungry iPhone screen, you save your phone’s battery.

Jays - Earphones, Headphones and Accessories

by sbrothier
We're presenting u-JAYS, our new on-ear headphones for iOS, Windows or Android.

July 2015

Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favourite Software

by sbrothier
Build your own tactile controller — snap together sliders, dials and buttons to create a controller made to fit you.

June 2015

DSLR Quality Camera in Your Pocket | DxO ONE |

by sbrothier
DxO ONE. The pocket-size camera that pairs perfectly with your iPhone, so you can take amazing photos anywhere.

May 2015

March 2015

Astropad - Transform your iPad into a professional graphics tablet

by sbrothier, 2 comments
YOUR IPAD AS A PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS TABLET Use the Mac creative tools you know & love, like Photoshop, with the touch experience of your iPad

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