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Embracing Ambiguity in Israel

He was born in France 55 years ago to descendants of Sephardic Jews from Algeria and Ashkenazi Jews from Russia. His parents survived World War II — his father in hiding and his mother with the resistance. He was raised in a secular, intellectual household but went to a religious high school when his parents embraced Judaism soon after the 1967 war.


Paradox is based in Edam (20 kilometres north of Amsterdam). The not for profit organisation develops projects around contemporary issues with documentary authors: photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, writers and researchers. Paradox does not programme its own exhibition space but collaborates with venues in the Netherlands and abroad.

March 2014

Instant Peeping

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Instant Peeping is a project that explores behaviour patterns through data analysis among Instagram users. With the rise of social media and mobile location services, Instant Peeping acts as a realtime live experiment to generate greater insight into the what, where and when of posting habits.

The dangerous, beautiful life of a Lego minifig photographer | The Verge

UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte specializes in dramatic light art and long exposures of the night sky, but some of his most striking work involves helping an inch-high fellow photographer get a good shot. For over a year, Whyte has been shooting what he calls the "Legography" series, starring a Lego minifig with a bulky black camera and a penchant for exploration. The minifig travels with Whyte, waiting to be posed scaling a fence, watching the sunrise, or playing tourist in London.

Airport Security Staff are Going to Hate Wearable Cameras

What follows is the story of my brush with Homeland Security today while entering the United States a few hours ago. It was all my fault, but I get the feeling I was an early example of something that staff in airports around the world will have to deal with regularly as wearable data collection devices become more common…

A Cool Photo Project: Young and Old Swap Clothes | Next Avenue

Far more than just bits of fabric we use to cover our bodies, the clothes we wear and the ways we combine them convey a great deal about our personal tastes, lifestyles, perspectives and values, not to mention our society’s broader cultural mores.

February 2014

Arne Svenson - The Neighbors

The Neighbors by Arne Svenson Opening Saturday, January 12, 2013; 6-8PM Western Project 2762 S La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90034 310 838 0609

Equivalence > Pavillon > European Photography

European Photography 90: Privacy features 17 international artists with their views on private matters: Florian Ruiz, Jana Romanova, Dante Busquets, Chad States, Dennis Rito, Rania Matar, Kurt Caviezel, Marco Lachi, Kasia Bielska, Margo Ovcharenko, Lorena Morin, Marina Kruglyakova, Nils Klinger, Gerald Förster, Oscar Monzón, WassinkLundgren, and Hester Scheurwater.

Hester Scheurwater

The Self-obsessed photo series, which explores Hester Scheurwater's desires, obsessions and fears sparked media hype in the Netherlands. The explicit imagery shocked many and fueled debate on the sexualization of society. But the editor of Scheurwater’s first book of photography, SHOOTING BACK, defends her work. Zurich-based curator, writer and contemporary photography specialist Walter Keller compares it to Rober Mapplethorpe’s sexually-charged imagery or Francesca Woodman’s erotic mise-en-scene.”Scheurwater’s visual self-explorations extend the boundaries of another main topic in art history and photography – the pose. But in her pictures, model and artist are one,” says Keller. “Yes, this is sexually explicit work, but even more, it is a curious and smart research about herself, where the artist looks at herself from both sides of the mirror.” All images on this website are copyright protected. If you are interested to publish any of these images, please contact for current rates.

Kurt Caviezel

My collection of webcam images has been put together over a period of 13 years. The archive contains more than 3 million images, downloads from all continents - the world wide web provides a lot. I photograph the world, using publicly accessible netcams, which give access to public and private space.

Unlimitxt - Dennis Rito

Mobile phones are impacting societies around the world. Here in the Philippines, text messaging is considered to be the most exploited service due to its affordability, convenience and immediacy. According to industry estimates, 2 billion text messages were sent everyday from the 60 percent of the population of 90 million who uses mobile phones. This has led to the popular notion of the Philippines as the “texting capital of the world”

January 2014

Vivian Maier Photographer | Official website of Vivian Maier | Vivian Maier Portfolios, Prints, Exhibitions, Books and documentary film

Piecing together Vivian Maier’s life can easily evoke Churchill’s famous quote about the vast land of Tsars and commissars that lay to the east. A person who fit the stereotypical European sensibilities of an independent liberated woman, accent and all, yet born in New York City.

Hand coloured photographs of 19th century Japan | The Public Domain Review

A selection from a series of 42 hand coloured albumine prints – a process which used the albumen found in egg whites to bind the photographic chemicals to the paper – taken around 1880. The presence of the pictures in the Dutch National Archieff reflects a long relationship between Japan and the Netherlands, the result of an exclusive commercial relationship that would last for more than two centuries (1641-1855).

Portfolio: HIroshi Sugimoto - Movie Theatres

Throughout the mid to late 1970s and upwards, Hiroshi Sugimoto packed up a folding 4x5 camera & tripod, surreptitiously entered matinees (and, one can only presume, evening film events) and documented the interior of movie theatres across the United States - invoking a classic procedure borrowed from Conceptual Art. He would open the shutter just before the 'first light' hit the screen and close it after the credits finished rolling and before the house lights came on. Using this method he was able to invert the subject/object relationship of the movie theatre and use the film itself to illuminate the proscenium and interior. However - it's MORE than that, isn't it? There is also a social and political critique implicit to the gesture. The rendering of a 'blank' movie screen carries with it a whole series of alternate implications that are highly relevant to a culture of consumption.  The unavoidable allusions of mass social programming and lack of content are implicit in the act. This content, largely unaddressed crtiically, is what lends the images their incredible power - along wtih the natural fascination of being made privy to the photography's divine birthright - allowing us to see the normall invisible - to experience a finite collapse of time.   -JWD

December 2013

Autopsie - Bruno Mouron | Éditions de La Martinière

Dans un article du Monde, un professeur d’université en sociologie a exposé son étude consacrée à l’analyse des poubelles pour appréhender la consommation et les comportements sociaux. Bruno Mouron et Pascal Rostain, paparazzi de profession, ont décidé de « faire les poubelles » de leurs clients habituels, les célébrités. Et ce qui fut au départ un gag de presse est vite devenu une réflexion plastique.

MARJO | Chill photographie

CHILL | FRENCH INDIE PHOTOGRAPHER Attracted by candid & intimate situations, spontaneous & natural moments. I’m always interested in taking pictures of new people, so if you like my work and want to talk about working together, feel free to send me an email. Thanks !

- Stephanie GENGOTTI - Agence photographique MYOP

First the bodies, the flesh, the humours. Then the track, the sign, the imprint. Después, in Spanish, means after. These portraits start from a very precise instant of time and from a defined place: the protagonists are couples right after sex and the room as a witness. The fulcrum of the work is not sharing intercourse, nor a morbid curiosity about the life of the subjects, but the search for the track, the one capable of telling about intimacy, through a glance or a gesture. “How many couples in this very moment are about to have orgasm?”, wonders the young protagonist of the fortunate film Amélie. This question introduces an amusing, frenetic sequence in which fifteen couples reach the height of pleasure. The people are different by age, race and sexual preferences. They represent a variegated humanity, like that portrayed in this project. Young, old, homosexual, no form of judgement or prejudice finds space, because there is no right or wrong way to experience one’s own sexuality, nor is there an opportune or inopportune way of feeling inside oneself a moment as important as orgasm. That moment when one is completely detached from the world and from its rules to let emotions run free.

world religious leaders | NOOR

World religious leaders gathered in Rome, Italy, to take part to the 27th inter-religious peace summit hosted by the Community of Sant’Egidio, an Italian based Catholic lay association with a network of members spreading over 60 countries.

Fashion or Porn? - THE GAME

Can you distinguish fashion from pornography?

Nude Photography by Simon Bolz

I shoot nude photo series for magazines and capture only what's necessary not to overstimulate you.