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April 2011

Android Apps: Ninja Camera

★Widget Mode: User can quickly take a picture or record a video as a Widget and there is no need to launch the Camera application. Because many beautiful view is fleeting. Support silent mode. It is completely silence under Widget Mode.

November 2010

Android Apps: SPYSAT – free GPS tracking

Change you mobile into professional gps tracking device for free For now, you don’t need very expensive tracking systems. All you need is a your device and this simple program.

July 2010

Hacker arrested for spying on schoolgirls via their own webcams

A man has been arrested for spying on more than 150 girls in their bedrooms by hacking into their computers and using their webcams to watch them, provoking warnings that others will be doing the same thing.

April 2010

Legal spying via the cell phone system

Two researchers say they have found a way to exploit weaknesses in the mobile telecom system to legally spy on people by figuring out the private cell phone number of anyone they want, tracking their whereabouts, and listening to their voice mail.

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