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Parrot Security OS 3.3

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Palinuro has announced the release of Parrot Security OS 3.3, a new release of the project’s Debian-based, specialist distribution with a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy and cryptography:

5 Ways to Secure Your Browser

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What’s the one piece of software you use more than anything else, day in and day out? For most people, the answer is easy: their web browser.

Brace Yourself for Kaspersky’s “Hack-proof” Operating System

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Kaspersky is a security software developer and cyber security firm that is trusted by people globally. So, when the company states that it has created a hack-proof operating system, users are bound to feel overjoyed.

The WordPress megahack that wasn’t

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Since 2013, WordPress has been updating itself, which is a good thing.

Security check for Internet of Things

Check if your internet-connected devices at home are public on Shodan. If they are, this means they are accessible to the public, and hackers.

DRAMMER: Flip Feng Shui goes mobile

Drammer is a new attack that exploits the Rowhammer hardware vulnerability on Android devices.

Security research tool had security problem

Security researchers and the networks they rely on were at risk of breach by the hackers they investigate, thanks to now mitigated man-in-the-middle holes in a popular plugin for analysing debugger OllyDbg.


Crooks net $13m in ATM heist

In its first quarter earnings release, posted in May, FIS revealed it had taken a $13 million hit in connection with its Sunrise pre-paid card platform.

Skype partner update leads to worm fears

Skype has been forced to disable a third-party “update” pushed out to users late last week after it sparked fears the popular VoIP service was propagating a worm.

Samsung installs keylogger on its laptops

A user discovered a keylogger pre-installed on two brand-new Samsung laptops that the company admitted was there to “monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used.”

Computer Hackers Getting Their Own Reality Show

It seems like just about everyone is getting a reality show. “Real” housewives, ex-strippers, repo-men, Hawaiian bounty hunters, power gays in New York, and folks competing to be videogame testers are just a few of the folks that have TV crews following them around these days.


Tech Travel Tip: Assume Your Devices Will Be Compromised

The international reach of the Internet may have distributed cyber threats to every corner of the world, but some countries remain more dangerous than others. Whether traveling abroad for business or pleasure, a few simple steps can help prevent your information from being stolen and your devices from being confiscated.

Over 40 security fixes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in iOS 4.2

Yesterday, Apple pushed out the much anticipated update to its mobile operating system – iOS 4.2.

Two New Trojans Want To Take Over Your Mac

This just in: two security companies who make their money selling anti-malware software and/or consultancy services for the Mac platform say that two new Trojans are in the OS X wild. Luckily, though, you’re only really at risk if you’re not thinking too hard about what you’re doing on your machine.

Secret Button Sequence Bypasses iPhone Security.

A security flaw in the iPhone allows strangers to bypass the handset’s lock screen with a few button presses.

Guess who hasn’t patched the Java security hole?

It has now been more than a week since Oracle released a monster security fix for Java, or 29 security fixes within a Critical Patch Update across Java SE and Java for Business products to be precise.

Lookout Mobile Security is a great free antivirus for Android

An Android device is a sensitive thing; it’s hooked up to your Google account, and there are tons of apps out there. While Android does let you know what an app will be able to access (“SD Card” etc.), it has no built-in mechanism for telling the genuinely useful applications from the ones that are out to get you.

500 Worst Passwords

I was exploring some cool, funny and interesting pictures on the web, when I stumbled on this “500 worst password” image on Flickr.

Crooks prey on young online

ONE in 10 Australian internet users – more than 1.3 million people – lost an average of $1000 each to cyber criminals in the past 12 months.

Hack attack targets 4.3 million online CVs

The personal details of 4.3 million job seekers may have been compromised in a “concerted and sophisticated” hack attack on Trinity Mirror’s recruitment sites.

Facebook ’sexiest video’ malware spreading virally, warn experts

If you get a posting on your Facebook wall telling you “this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P :P ” which seems to be accompanied by a video titled “Candid Camera Prank [HQ]” then don’t click on the video: it’s a lead-in to malware.

Facebook Rolls Out New Login Security Features

Facebook is now one of the most popular targets for phishers, hackers and scammers.

Twitter hit by bug

BEIJING, May 11 (Xinhuanet) — Twitter has been hit by a bug that left users, including many celebrities, with no “followers”.

New attack today against Wordpress

Note that we are not blaming Wordpress here. I am assuming that if the problem was on Wordpress itself, the number of infected sites would be much much bigger. Maybe a plugin is vulnerable or someone stole lots of passwords. Also, all the hacked sites were on shared hosts, no one so far on a private server

DNSSEC may cause an Internet fail on May 5

Network managers are being urged to run a series of checks on their routers and firewalls to ensure their users will still be able to connect to internet sites in the wake of a major change to the internet’s domain name system next week.

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