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The unvarnished truth about unsecured Wi-Fi

Chances are you don’t leave your front door unlocked. And you shouldn’t leave your Wi-Fi network unsecured either.

Russian Hacker Bust: Is the FBI Chasing Mules?

The FBI wanted poster looks like a yearbook page from a Russian provincial college. Seventeen men and women from Eastern Europe, mostly between the ages of 19 and 22, with bad skin, nerdy haircuts and no resemblance to your stereotypical bank robbers.

Hacker tries canceling Guns N’ Roses tour

If you believed Axl Rose’s Twitter account, the Guns N’ Roses frontman had unilaterally canceled the band’s upcoming European tour. The message posted on Sunday evening stated: “All upcoming Guns N’ Roses dates are officially cancelled. Please contact your place of purchase for any refunds.”

Hacker arrested for spying on schoolgirls via their own webcams

A man has been arrested for spying on more than 150 girls in their bedrooms by hacking into their computers and using their webcams to watch them, provoking warnings that others will be doing the same thing.

Computer hacker used fraud money to buy Porsche and gold

Alistair Peckover, 21, systematically defrauded legitimate online businesses and unsuspecting members of the public with his self-taught computer skills. Peckover, of London Road, Hailsham, East Sussex, was jailed for 20 months at Southend Crown Court in Essex after admitting two counts of fraud.

The Hacker, the Con Man, the ATM — and You

Last month, the FBI arrested a 19-year-old grocery store employee for trying to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from ATMs. He planned to use default passwords he found online to reprogram the ATMs, convincing them they held $1 bills instead of $20 bills.

DNSSEC may cause an Internet fail on May 5

Network managers are being urged to run a series of checks on their routers and firewalls to ensure their users will still be able to connect to internet sites in the wake of a major change to the internet’s domain name system next week.

Hacker sells Facebook passwords

A computer hacker in Russia has advertised for sale what appear to be passwords and login details from the social networking site Facebook.

How to Track a Hacker

Bill O’Reilly, Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin have one thing in common, apart from being celebrities: They’ve all been victims of hacking.


Teens are happy hacking for cash

If you thought that the spotty teen hacker working from a back bedroom was an outdated stereotype now that organised cybercrime is big business, think again.


Huge Hacking Tools List

Elhackers contains a huge list of tools used to hack software, the web, and computers. It also has a list of keyloggers, trojans, debuggers, binders, mail bombers, nukers, scanners, etc. etc. etc.

Alleged NASA hacker to speak at security show

Gary McKinnon, the British man fighting extradition to the U.S., is planning to appear on a panel discussing hacking at a U.K. security conference, it was revealed on Thursday. McKinnon is charged with gaining unauthorised access to 97 US government computers, including machines belonging to NASA and the US Department of Defense. He claims he was searching for evidence of UFOs.

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