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July 2010

Hacker arrested for spying on schoolgirls via their own webcams

A man has been arrested for spying on more than 150 girls in their bedrooms by hacking into their computers and using their webcams to watch them, provoking warnings that others will be doing the same thing.

December 2009

“Little Rat” Hackers Arrested

A group of hackers were recently arrested for using a new hacking tool that allows anyone to hack into any website, quickly, easily, and without any hacking experience. Police caught the two creators of this tool, who made more than 2 million yuan (US$293,000) by selling it to other hackers. Another four unnamed suspects were captured for using the software to steal online bank accounts or passwords for online games that they could sell.

July 2009

Hackers who caused Internet failure arrested

Four suspects who allegedly caused an Internet failure in six provinces and autonomous regions of China on May 19 were arrested in Jiangsu Province, Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.

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