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File System Capacity Alert script

# This script can be used to # warn the users that # the file system is getting full

Virtual Patching in the Spotlight Due to Unpatched Microsoft Vulnerabilities

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Due to three recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerabilities, the use of Intrusion prevention system (IPS) protection to shield against vulnerabilities

Amazon is building the next important OS, and Google can’t keep up

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Alexa is an operating system, and that could mean trouble for Google.


Brace Yourself for Kaspersky’s “Hack-proof” Operating System

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Kaspersky is a security software developer and cyber security firm that is trusted by people globally. So, when the company states that it has created a hack-proof operating system, users are bound to feel overjoyed.


Should Pluto Be a Planet After All? Experts Weigh In

Now that Pluto may have regained its status as the largest object in the outer solar system, should astronomers consider giving it back another former title — that of full-fledged planet?

Facebook Upgrades E-Mail to ‘Modern Messaging System’

Facebook is seeking to replace e-mail with what it calls a “modern messaging system” that combines all the ways people send messages — including e-mail, IM and SMS — into a single interface. It’s a clear assault on Google and and its popular “social” application — Gmail.

At WWDC 2010 Apple will announce … iWatch :)

If Apple will make a great surprise to everyone? If It will announce a brand new product?

Legal spying via the cell phone system

Two researchers say they have found a way to exploit weaknesses in the mobile telecom system to legally spy on people by figuring out the private cell phone number of anyone they want, tracking their whereabouts, and listening to their voice mail.

How Do I Scan My Linux System For Rootkits, Worms, Trojans, Etc.?

Either install the package that comes with your distribution (on Debian you would run apt-get install chkrootkit

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