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pfSense 2.3.4 RELEASE Now Available!

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Version 2.3.4 of pfSense, a specialist FreeBSD-based operating system designed for firewalls and routers, has been released

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS released

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The second maintenance update of the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (long-term support) release is now ready for download:


Solus and Ubuntu MATE build new application menu

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Solus and Ubuntu MATE projects are working in collaboration to build a better application menu for the MATE desktop environment.

Apple Advertise New ‘Romeo and Juliet’ iPhone 7 Ad

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Apple has advertised a new ad for the iPhone 7, ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Debian considers merging /usr

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The bootstrap utility for the upcoming release of Debian 9 “Stretch” will feature the ability to merge utilities from the root file system into the /usr file system.

openSUSE 42.2

The openSUSE team has announced the availability of a new version of the distribution’s Leap edition. openSUSE Leap provides a stable base, similar to SUSE Linux Enterprise, with the addition of community-provided software packages.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3

Red Hat has announced the availability of a new upgrade to the company’s Enterprise Linux line of products. The new release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, is an update to the 7.x series and addresses known bugs and errata.

KNOPPIX release version 7.7.1

Klaus Knopper has announced the release KNOPPIX 7.7.1, the latest stable version of the project’s Debian-based live CD/DVD with a choice of LXDE, KDE Plasma 5.7 and GNOME Shell 3.22 desktops, together with a special edition (ADRIANE) with an audio desktop

Sony Alpha a6500

If you are looking for new camera. You might consider this new mirrorless camera from Sony.


Rot from Within: New Phyrexia Event Deck

Main Deck 60 cards 22 Forest 1 Inkmoth Nexus 23 lands


Apple To Release iOS 4.2 Today

Moments ago, Apple announced that it will be releasing iOS 4.2 today, and it will be available to download shortly.

Myspace rolls out latest redesign, with cleaner look and more sharing options

Myspace is taking one more shot at revamping its image, introducing yet another new design.

New iPhone Arrives; Rivals, Beware

Apple’s new iPhone, its fourth in four years, reaches stores on Thursday. Ordinarily, this is where you’d expect to find a review of it. But honestly — what’s the point?

WWDC 2010: iPhone 4 On Sale on June 24th Starting At $199

Jobs has just completed outlining all of the iPhone 4’s revolutionary new features. Now to reveal what it’ll cost your wallet.

Secrets of the new Apple iPhone revealed

When Gray Powell, a software engineer, accidentally left his mobile phone behind on a bar stool after his 27th birthday celebration, he wasn’t just losing a few personal numbers. It was a prototype of Apple’s next-generation iPhone — a device so secret that it does not yet have an official release date, or even a name.

Sophos warns of new ‘3D Anti-terrorist’ malware

Security experts are warning Windows Mobile phone users to beware of downloading games to their devices as it emerged that a Russian-speaking hacker has been uploading versions of a particular game with malicious Trojan programs hidden inside.


WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1

According to the official WordPress blog, WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1 was officially released about an hour ago. Here is their release candidate 1 official announcement:

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