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Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee - Dee Brown Audiobook Online Download, Free Audio Book Torrent, 70726

by tadeufilippini & 1 other
Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee - Dee Brown Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee - Dee Brown

February 2018

November 2017 - Generate custom 3D Device Mockups.

by Krome
Upload your design, adjust settings and download your individual mockup. Threed is for free and needs no extra Software.

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December 2016

RSS - TOOL - Web RSS - RSS Widget - RSS to HTML - Display RSS for Free with Web RSS

by decembre
Create RSS Feeds for your Website or Blog _ Create your own RSS feeds and track how they do by day, week and month. Ping your feed out to the major ping servers and publish your feed on your website or blog. - Create RSS Feeds without any programing skills - Update your feed without updating the code just login and add more items. - Make your own RSS feeds for News, Podcasts and More! - We host your RSS feed for free! - Track your feeds hits by day, week or month - Get cut and paste code for your feed to place on your site - Ping your feed to the major ping servers for free - Validate your Feed - Edit your feeds at any time and have the update Instantly display on your website.

RSS - TOOL - Feed43 : Convert any web page to news feed on the fly

by decembre & 51 others
It's free, and even no registration required!_ Your favorite site doesn't provide news feeds? This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly. Web Site _RSS Feed_Feed Reader. With Feed43, you can create feeds by defining rules to extract text snippets from web pages 1. Each time the feed is accessed, Feed43 will load the source page and use these rules to build its up-to-date representation in RSS format 2. Add the feed to your favorite news aggregator 3 to get notified about web page changes.

November 2016

Free Partition Manager Software - AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

by groucho
a le mérite de fonctionner à chaud en tout cas mieux que EaseUS Partition

October 2016 - Beautiful Free Stock Photos (CC0)

by eledo34
Tres belle images et download autorisé et facile A conserver et utiliser

September 2016

August 2016

FREE - Freebox Mini 4K : installer manuellement une application

by decembre
Valable pour Kodi ou Netflix par exemple La Freebox Mini 4K est un boîtier Android TV. De ce fait, il est en mesure d'accéder au marché d'applications Google Play Store afin d'étendre ses fonctionnalités. Comme nous l'avons vu dans notre test, le boîtier de Free est pour ainsi dire bridé et toutes les applications ne sont pas visibles depuis le Store. Il existe néanmoins deux méthodes pour installer manuellement celles qui manquent à l'appel

July 2016

May 2016

TwitCount - Twitter Share Counts Alternative

by srcmax
A free fix for Twitter's decision to deactivate share counts

X-Men Apocalypse

by apscisa
Official Bryan Singer started the contemporary surge of superhero motion pictures with 2000’s “X-Men,” and made a recognized come back to the strategy only two years prior with the time-ricocheting “Days of Future Past"

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