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A cute dungeon |

by sylvainulg (via)
Thanks fly to Buch, who also offers very nice platformer art themed on king-burglar-and-forest.


OC Remix Threshold of a Dream album

by sylvainulg
Download Full Album Torrent (Lossless FLAC + MP3, ~684MB) Downloading the album using BitTorrent is the best option - it helps us save bandwidth and gives you the option of downloading MP3, lossless FLAC files, or both by selecting which files to grab in your BitTorrent client.




Game Development Archeology: Zelda on Game Boy comes with source «

by sylvainulg (via)
some sources leaked out of Nintendo ... through an actual game!


Top 10 Reasons Not To Have A Job

by 4004


De la 2d en 3d ! / Tibori Design, NES - Terra Pixela

by bouilloire
C'est joli, c'est bien fait, ça donne envie de savoir faire en plus ^^

4 Swords by ~Chibi-Rinku on deviantART

by sylvainulg
nice deviation on "Zelda: four swords"

Supercard SD Mini Gameboy color save help - MaxConsole Forums

by sylvainulg (via)
you cannot find out how to save your game in Zelda DX (or likely any other GBC game) with the SuperCard SD built-in emulator ? Here's how

YouTube - Zelda Minish Cap getting the last bottle part B 105

by sylvainulg
Seems like this guy made it to the gorons cave ...

IGRICE.HR » RM2K3 Legend Of Zelda - Link’s Awakening - igrice - online - igre - zabava

by sylvainulg (via)
un remake de Link's Awakening mélangeant les graphismes de 4 swords, Minish Cap et Link to the Past :P


orchestre original

by sushi
à la mi-temps, aux USA, certains orchestres font preuve d'une grande originalité ... moi j'adhère, surtout quand je reconnais Zelda, Pokémon, ou Tetris ...

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