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smea's devblog | rambling about my past, present and future endeavours

by sylvainulg
ninjhax works in 4 stages and almost as many exploits : we first get ROP execution, then we get code execution proper, then we get access to new services by launching and taking over another process, and then we get higher privileges by exploiting a system module.

Zalo DS Blog: 3DS Homebrew Tips and Tricks (II)

by sylvainulg (via)
"In other words, what you really have is an screensize of 240x400" ... ow, yeah. Of course. That makes it possible to flip between left-eye-viewpoint and right-eye viewpoint on a line-by-line basis, rather than at pixel level!




2011 :: View topic - Really Bad Eggs 20110706 (Super Foul Egg/Puyo Puyo)

by sylvainulg
a neat clone, but more than 2 ball per drop would make it more interesting.

NEO COMPO 2010 Reviews By Aleomark: forum and magazine style!

by sylvainulg (via)
If your dream wish is to have been turned into a blue Apple, this game makes that wish come true, but the red apples … well lets say they don’t like you and believe me, you don’t want to be next to the red apples,

get/loose commands for Mac Homebrew

by Xavier Lacot
Adds get/loose commands for Mac Homebrew, which stand for "install" and "uninstall", plus Growl notifications. Some sugar in your coffee?

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