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Paris Review – Shelf-Conscious, Francesca Mari

by bouilloire

I put the survivors on a few new Billy Bookcases. (IKEA has sold more than twenty-eight million, and I, for better or worse, own four.)

Billy forever!



‘Game of Thrones’ Begins Sunday on HBO - Review -

by bouilloire
Le plus impressionnant ça n'est pas de la voir complétement à côté de la plaque mais les réactions que ça a engendrées sur le net. (une recherche avec Ginia Bellafante game of thrones sur google remonte déjà pas mal de critiques de cette critique. J'ai vu passer des réactions assez vives sur twitter aussi


LRB · Eliot Weinberger · ‘Damn right,’ I said

by jeanruaud
Occasionally, someone on Team DP will insert a lyrical phrase – the tears on the begrimed faces of the 9/11 relief workers ‘cutting a path through the soot like rivulets through a desert’ – but most of the prose sounds like this: I told Margaret and Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Bolten that I considered this a far-reaching decision. I laid out a process for making it. I would clarify my guiding principles, listen to experts on all sides of the debate, reach a tentative conclusion, and run it past knowledgeable people. After finalising a decision, I would explain it to the American people. Finally, I would set up a process to ensure that my policy was implemented. There are nearly 500 pages of this, reminiscent of the current po-mo poster boys, Tao Lin, with his anaesthetised declarative sentences, and Kenneth Goldsmith with his ‘uncreative writing’, such as a transcription of a year’s worth of daily radio weather reports. Foucault notes: ‘Today’s writing has freed itself from the theme of expression.’


by ghis & 1 other (via)
Explication of the movie Inception. Interesting theory about the whole movie being a dream and a filmmaking.

Forex Profit Launcher

by mondele
The Forex Profit Launcher's sophisticated signals software lets YOU control your trades, but tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. You just follow the instructions on your screen and rack up the profits. Review of the Forex Trading Manuals Forex Profit Launcher.

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