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6 things I learned creating my own Messenger chatbot • Chatbots • Kilian Valkhof

by Spone
The modern messaging tools that chatbots run on offer much more ways to interact compared to what previous incarnations of chatbots had, such as those used on IRC or AIM. Much advise on building chatbots that’s out there quietly assumes that all chatbots are just text-in-text-out, which doesn’t match with the platforms they are on. I recently built a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, and these are six things I learned from using other bots in research, building the bot and watching people interact with it.


Abot - Build your own digital assistant

by Spone
Digital assistants are huge, complex pieces of software. Abot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started.



by France (via)
Mamaw est un site pour les passionnés de chats ! Vous y découvrez des vidéos, des photos et des informations sur les chats. Bonne visite !


by France (via)
Lolchat, toutes les photos et vidéos fun de chat ! Découvrez la sélection d'images et de vidéos drôles du premier portail français consacré aux chats.

Arbres à chats

by France (via)
Trouvez l'arbre à chat idéal pour votre compagnon à 4 pattes ! Griffoirs, tours à griffer, troncs à griffer, petits et grands à arbres à chat, vous trouvez votre bonheur.


by France (via)
Animobsèques vous accompagne lors de la perte de votre animal de compagnie. Organisation des obsèques, deuil, évacuation de la peine, Animobsèques vous dit tout.


placekitten : pictures for use as placeholders

by dzc & 4 others
A quick and simple service for getting pictures of kittens for use as placeholders in your designs or code. Just put your image size (width & height) after our URL and you'll get a placeholder

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