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Générateur d'images perso pour forums

by ChriMi (via)
- créer une image perso avatar forums blog phpbb faire un image personalisée pour forum 100px*100px faire son image personelle en ligne outils générateur - Support du Web

Icon Generators (& avatar)

by ChriMi
générateurs d'icônes et avatars pour forum, etc.


by ChriMi (via)
Free vector avatar creator for everyone! création gratuite d'avatars pour forum, etc.

HACK - (Well documented) Top 10 Free Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Real Phone Number - dr.fone

by decembre & 1 other (via)
Tested with success for 2Factors : Imagine having to put your email addresses on websites every time you want to sign up for a service offered on the website or participate in a forum discussion. This has left a lot of people frustrated in accessing web services because not everyone is comfortable or wants to expose his or her email address to the public. Although in recent times, some websites now offer temporary disposable email addresses that can be generated automatically for use without hitches; these email addresses are vulnerable as there is less password protection feature to improve security. For this reason, the use of phone verification became an alternative to access some web services. The phone verification works in a way that a phone number is provided to a website to receive code generated randomly via SMS in which the code is put back on the website in order to ascertain that the user is no spam bot but real. In order to guide your privacy, you can receive sms online on your computer rather than using your real phone number. The following sites are the top 10 free sites where you can receive SMS online without your real phone number.


FIR 57> - CSP - ABOUT CONFIG - How to enable Firefox WebExtensions on Mozilla websites - Mozilla Firefox 57 - privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager - TRUE - - FORUM

by decembre
How to enable Firefox WebExtensions on Mozilla websites (in - Load about:config in the Firefox web browser. - You can run a search for just to make sure it does not exist: privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager. It does not in the most recent Firefox Nightly builds at the time of writing. - Right-click in the part of the window that lists the preferences, and select New > Boolean from the context menu. - Name the new Boolean value: privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager. - Set its value to true.

Forum Therian Saga (français)

by ChriMi
Forum officiel de Therian Saga


Un clone de Slack chiffré de bout en bout

by Giraultises & 1 other (via)
La société SpiderOak propose son clone de Slack totalement chiffré de bout en bout. Baptisé Semaphor, cet outil (pour OSX uniquement pour le moment) va vous permettre de créer des groupes (Team) et des canaux de discussion (Channels) pour discuter et échanger des fichiers avec vos collègues, vos amis, votre famille, vos clients...etc.

Concaténation de fichiers pdf (Page 1) / Trucs, astuces et scripts utiles / Forum

by sylvainulg (via)
Le plus simple est d'installer pdfjam (c'est peut-etre fait par defaut). On dispose alors de 3 scripts indispensables: - pdfjoin pour la fusion de fichier pdf - pdf90 pour la rotation de .pdf - pdfnup pour imprimer plusieurs pages sur une seule. Permet aussi un rescale de la page.


Le forum anonyme et décentralisé

by Giraultises (via)
Aether est un logiciel libre mis au point par Burak Nehbit qui permet de créer des forums (boards) totalement décentralisés (p2p). Anonyme et non censurable, Aether vous permettra de communiquer librement avec votre communauté. Attention, il ne s'agit pas là d'une zone de non-droit... Tous ces forums sont modérés, mais ils le sont par la communauté elle-même qui peut voter pour conserver ou virer un post.

Flarum – Forums Made Simple

by manu & 1 other
Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. It's simple, fast, and free.


NodeBB/NodeBB · GitHub

by srcmax
NodeBB Forum Software is powered by Node.js and built on a Redis database. It utilizes web sockets for instant interactions and real-time notifications. NodeBB is compatible down to IE8 and has many modern features out of the box such as social network integration and streaming discussions.


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